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  1. [Savat steps out with a large smirk on his face. The Best in the world is wearing a grey suit and holds a mic in his hand as he walks into the ring. The arena showers him in boos and he just stands there with a smile on his face]

    >Savat: Man do I feel like a million bucks. I had a great vacation. Really soaked up the sun and got a bit of alone time. Just me and the ladies you know. During my time away it was blatantly clear to me. I love my job. I love coming out here and making fat wads of cash. I am practically a millionaire if not a genius. Hell I am Tony Stark. And the funny thing is all this time you laughed, mocked and disrespected me. But the joke is on you because I look around and I can safely said I played my role perfectly. I had you all fooled. Each and everyone of you suckers fell for it.

    Maybe I actually am the best in the world. After all I fooled the world. Haha. Forgive me, I am getting a bit too excited now. After tonight I might go straight to a dealership and pick up a new sports car. Hmmm. Then I will drive that son of a bitch straight to a mansion, to my mansion. The jist is that I came out on top. All of you hwo laughed, all who pointed all who hocked their venom and turned their back on me. You are the ones who pay. You are why I was brought here.

    [Savat lets out one more smirk as he raises his arm and a new theme hits]

    [Out walks a small group of men. A long haired man in the middle, 2 men to his left, one holding a sledgehammer, the other a bat. And a familiar man stood to the right of him. The crowd lets out a huge gasp as they realize that it is the Big guy Alkatrz!]
    >Long Haired Man: Your job is done now you git. Your money is in your account. We don't want to see your face around here ever again or you too will feel our message.

    [Will Savat quickly leaps out of the ring and runs out of the arena, no one knows what is going on now, who are these people, what do they want. Where is Will Savat going?]

    >Long Haired Man: Ladies and gentlemen I have been waiting to do this for a long time now. I spent a lot of resources making sure this would all go off without a hitch. My name is Bastion. To my left, La Cyndre and Barrel Bones. They caused havoc all over Mexico where they worked under various masks. And to my right. Well, this big guy doesn't need any introductions. You all remember him right. I found the big guy after what this place did to him. You got into his head, you ruined him. But alas I found him, found him at his most hungriest. Together we roam. Together we planned this night.

    See we couldn't risk ruining the surprise. We couldn't risk this going off before it was the right time. Now ladies and gentlemen I will explain exactly what is going on. I created Will Savat as a virus. Will Savat was no real man, he was a embodiment of what we hate. We hate wrestlers who run around thinking that they are better than everyone else. We hate egos, we hate those who think they deserve better than what they are worth. We made Will Savat and we payed off some actor to fit the role and I would like to commend him on such a good job. Without him we couldn't of lurked in the shadows for as long as we did. Without him we would never of reached the end game.

    [The big guy takes the mic and clears his throat]

    Alkatrz: IWT I left this place with more problems than I could burden. This company was a shit hole run by criminals and lead by bigots. I couldn't stand it anymore. The big guy had to leave. His mind was in the wrong place. I was hungry for change. There was nothing for me to feast on here. My limitless hunger would never be ceased here. That was when Bastion found me. Bastion introduced to me La Cyndre and Bones. For the first time in a long time did I feel like the good old big guy. Bastion and these boys showed me that I didn't have to listen to people like Jono. These guys showed me that I could do what I wanted. Together, we could do anything that we wanted. We are a wolf pack on the hunt. And is this one hell of a hunt. I would class it more of a feast, and I can't wait to dig in.

    [The big Guy begins to smile and pumps his muscles as the men walk to the ring. La Cyndre grabs the mic and speaks in a slight latino accent]

    >La Cyndre: IWT, we didn't come here because this place was fixed. We didn't come here to work for someone like Michael. We came to show people like Michael that they do not rule people like us. For too long did bookers, writers and owners tell me how to live my life. I was held under shackles for too god damn long! That was when Bastion gave us the key to our freedom. I took their whips and I beat them down until they begged me to stop. That was when they saw I held the power! I was the one in charge!

    >Bastion: IWT we did not come here to join you. We came here to destroy you. Will Savat infected all of your egos. You couldn't stand that there was someone who thought they were better than you. You all began to question yourselves and ponder who was the better man. Your intentions became clouded with jealousy and you all sought out to prove that you were the best, In the mean time we acted in the dark. We planted the seeds to IWT's destruction. Boys, lets take this company down!

    [La Cyndre and Bones begin smashing up the titantron and dismantling the ring as Bastion walks around with a huge smile on his face]


    >Bastion: IWT this is your end and our beginning. We are making our message tonight. Not just to you but to everyone out there. Every booker, every writer and every wrestler. Look at us. See the power that you all hold! We are an unstoppable force and we will rule wrestling. We are taking over now.

    [A swarm of security guards run out to stop these men but Cyndre and bones begin beating the heck out of them with the weapons. All Hell has broken loose as Alkatrz grabs the announce table and picks it up over his head with a roar! The Big Guy then F5's the table on the concrete causing it to obliterate. More security pour in through the crowd but Bastion and Alktraz quickly run up to the men begin swinging punches and literally picking them up and lobbing them across the arena. These four men have left the IWT arena in shambles. The titantron is broken, the ring is broken, the announcers table is broken and there lay bodies and blood everywhere. The four men quickly jump over the barricade as sirens pour in to stop this brutal assault and damage to IWT property. Bastion pulls out his phone and presses a button and the arena loses power completely. The men had rigged up the arena so they could escape. Policemen with torches charge into the arena but these man are long gone. All they left behind was the ruins of the show]

    Hope you enjoyed this character I literally made in like half an hour after getting bored of being Kane. Hope you enjoyed the swerve and had some fun with him. Ciao
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