Storyline Scenes from a midnight release

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  1. *Drake's theme starts to play for a few before the beginning of the next match. As the entrance movie fades the scene becomes apparent, and you see a small line outside of a GameStop.*

    *The camera pans into a familiar face among the crowd, Drake. He's leaning against the wall while listening to music on his phone. The cameraman approaches him and taps his shoulder. Drake takes out an earbud and you can hear the song he had playing(here).*

    Please, no flash photography. Unless you have twenty dollars of course!

    *Drake spots the IWT Symbol on the cameraman's cheap Polo and laughs.*

    Oh, you're from the IWT! I had no idea that you were going to be coming out here. Honest! I'm just waiting on the Midnight release for IWT2K15. You've heard of it right? Of course you haven't, 2K's marketing has been piss poor this year. I wouldn't be surprised if they under-shipped them. That's why I'm out here. I figured that having a top IWT Star such as myself among the crowd there would bring in more buyers. I mean, they could've asked Gav but I don't think they wanted him to get lost before his first and last defense.

    *The clock hits midnight and the store doors open.*

    Alright alright alright, let's go!

    *The cameraman follows Drake inside the store and they approach the main desk.*

    Good evening, I'd like to pick up my copy of IWT2K15.

    *As the transaction is happening Drake spots a Unity poster.*

    Oh! I'd like a copy of Unity too! Also for the PS4 of course.

    *Drake gets both of the games and looks at the cover of them.*

    What the fuck is this? Aids is on the cover? He hasn't even been relevant in a year! I was expecting a true wrestler to embrace the cover. Like myself, or Midas. I'd rather have Based God on the cover! This is some malarkey. I can't even begin to tell you how I disappointed I am. At least I bought Unity to play instead of watching Survivor Series. But, if I would be watching it then I'd watch it on the IWTNetwork...for only 9.99$!

    *Drake starts to wave off the cameraman as he approaches his Audi R8, but he spots a kid with a Desperadoes shirt on. He makes his way to the kid and crouches to his level.*

    Hey buddy, are you in line for IWT2K15?

    *The kid nods with a big smile on his face.*

    Well, here you go.

    *Drake gives the kid his copy of IWT2K15.*

    Kid: Thanks, but...but I have an Xbox One.

    Of course you do. I bet you play Call of Duty too!

    *The kid nods and hands back the video game.*

    Well, how about you go ahead and add BeautifulTackle and cuss him out for me the next time you're on. Alright?

    *The kid nods.*

    I'm going to go ahead and leave, but stay in school and stay away from strangers with candy!

    *Drake pats the kid on the head and heads to his car. Before he gets in he tosses IWT2K15 in a trashcan nearby. The scene fades as he drives off.*
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  2. *Lucas Hacksaw walks past and looks in the trash can to pick up the game*

    He could have just traded it back in... well, seeing as IWT underpay me, I may as well give myself a bonus.
  3. Kid wipes the faggot off his copy 2K15 given to him by Drake
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  4. This would be a good time to add the rating of gay.
  5. Don't front, we know that you stole your copy.
    This isn't even the gay stuff.
  6. Brah, since when was Aids on the cover of 2K15?