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  1. The first schedule

  2. The second schedule

  3. The third schedule

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    Would you guys prefer:

    Or, each month:


    Or would you like it to stay how it is now (please post if so, can't add the option to the poll) (PPV every month and an Uprising every once in a while)

    The majority were in favour of reducing the current schedule of having every PPV every month, with 6 being the average number you wanted.

    Please vote in the poll and give your own ideas in a reply if you don't like any.

    My opinion is the first one. It allows plenty of time to build solid feuds with stories that make sense and characters that develop leading up to a show. Currently some stories are rushed and thrown together at the last minute without any proper build, and people complain or are like "oh I have a match? uh sure." The downside is that some spaces between shows may be a little too long, but it doesn't stop you having dark matches beforehand to keep feuds going.

    The second one, it means all the planning, build, confirming times, creating and announcing the card all has to be done in a week. Not everyone has the same amount of time online, some only have a few hours every few days. I feel like IWT could become a chore instead of an activity to enjoy.

    The third one, I also like, it's essentially the same as the first apart from using the big 4 PPVs instead of the top 6/7 and filling the rest of time with uprising shows.

    Let me know!
  2. Whatever it's been and if you change it leave it alone after.
  3. Hey, I'm perfectly happy with how it is now. I'm only doing this off the feedback I get. I can leave it how it is now if everyone was happy with that. I'll add that to the poll ashley.
  4. Can't edit the poll now Sackfist voted, will add it to the OP.
  5. I'm just saying, wasn't attacking anyone.
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  6. 1 or 3 sound alright to me. Voted #1
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  7. i went for the 2nd one if utilised the right way it could work out great also i'd like to see more tornaments to determine the numbe one contenders for all the belts
  8. Personally don't care. Just want some action
  10. The Slammys excite me, so I went for the first one.
  11. I chose the third, but am fine with the first
  12. I went with third but I'd love the slammys to be involved in that as well. The first one I'm fine with and is my second choice.
  13. As long as there is at least one event per month, i'm cool with whatever.
  14. There will be
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  15. I like the 3rd scehdule and hey? Shouldn't I be tagged? What even happened to my character I'm not even noticing him on the roster anymore.
  16. Added you back to the active roster, no idea where you went on the list.
  17. Voted for the first, I would go for a mix of 1 and 3 though. 6 PPvs instead of 4
  18. NĂºmero uno
  19. I voted the first schedule.