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  1. Character Name: Schizo

    Height/Weight: 6'0" and 175 pounds

    Residence: Takakanonuma Greenland Amusement Park, Fukushima, Japan

    Character Base/Appearance: Hayabusa with a lot of morbid injuries

    In-Ring Attire: View attachment 1638

    Entrance Attire: Like this: View attachment 1637

    Entrance Music: Death Tone from the Japanese movie One Missed Call

    Entrance Actions: Walks in slowly, shuffling while looking from side to side as if hearing voices around him.

    Wrestling Style (Brawler, Technical, High Flyer, Powerhouse, Submission, etc): Brawler

    Finishing Move (Only 1) the Iron Claw

    Signature Move(s) (3 Max.): Rolling Knee drop, suicide dive, running elbow drop

    Holds: Abdominal stretch, spinning toe hold, indian deathlock, Russian leg swep

    Strikes: Elbow drop, head chop, chest chop, European uppercut, clothesline

    Aerial: Double ax handle, top rope elbow drop,

    Throws: hip toss, snap suplex, airplane spin.

    Taunts (Optional):

    Ring Psych (Strategies/Mannerisms in ring): Acts like he hears people talking to him and always approaches everyone with seeming caution.. moves slowly before striking.