Scott Fargo.

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    Character Name:

    Scott Fargo.


    6'1, 240.


    Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Character Base/Appearance:

    Karl Anderson.

    In-Ring Attire:

    Fargo's in-ring attire consists of white wrist tape, a pair of black trunks that bears a red Bullad Club logo on the back, a pair of black kneepads with the red BC logo on them, and black boots. When defending a championship, Fargo will trade that out for a Black & Gold attire in order to reflect his champion status.

    Entrance Attire:

    Fargo's entrance attire is mostly the same as his in-ring, except he'll wear a Bullad Club shirt. When defending a championship, Fargo will trade that out for a Black & Gold Leather Vest in order to reflect his championship status.

    Entrance Music:

    Fargo regularly enters to the Bullad Club theme on VICE, but generally changes it up for his Pay Per View entrance.

    Entrance Actions:

    Fargo exits from the back to a mostly positive reaction from the crowd. He pauses on the apron to let the moment sink in. Fargo then begins a confident walk down the ramp to the ring.

    Wrestling Style:

    Fargo is a tough brawler, but is also a lighting fast technician.

    Finishing Moves:
    "Fargo To Sleep"

    Brainbuster dropped onto a knee.

    "Gates of Fargo"

    Crossface Chickenwing.
    (Very rarely used, saved for the finish of big matches)

    Signature Moves:
    "Lumbar Spinal Stenosis"

    Uranage Backbreaker.

    "Alt F5"

    Fireman's Carry Cutter.

    "Shotgun Blast"

    Running European Uppercut to a kneeling opponent. Often set up with a Superkick to the opponents knee.


    Camel Clutch.
    Figure Four.
    Fujiwara Armbar.
    Single Leg Boston Crab.
    Abdominal Stretch with multiple elbow strikes to the victim ribcage.


    Standing Dropkick.
    Forearm Smash.
    Discus Lariat.
    Mounted Punches.
    Kneedrop with the kneepad pulled down first.
    Standing Elbow Drop.
    Chop Block.
    Running Knee Lift.
    Running Forearm Smash to a cornered opponent.
    Running Big Boot to a cornered opponent.
    Roaring Elbow.
    Snapmare followed by a Superkick to the back of the opponents neck.


    Diving Elbow Drop.
    Slingshot Senton.
    Falling Fist Drop.
    Frog Splash.
    Diving Crossbody.
    Double Axehandle.


    Snap Suplex.
    Belly to Belly Slam.
    Backdrop Driver.
    German Suplex.
    Bridging German Suplex.
    Falcon Arrow.
    Double Underhook DDT.

    Taunts (Optional):

    Aside from trash talking his opponent when he is control sometimes, Fargo isn't much of a showman.

    Ring Psych:

    Fargo is probably one of the smartest wrestlers to step inside the squared circle. He takes his time to scout his opponents out, finds their weaknesses and exploits them whilst knowing how to avoid their strengths and makes his opponent play into his.
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