Scott Hall takes a shot at Goldberg

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  1. Over a decade after Scott Hall and Bill Goldberg last worked together in World Championship Wrestling, there is still no love lost between the two.

    This morning on Twitter, a fan wrote to Hall, “Goldberg! Goldberg! What does that remind you of @scotthallnwo.” He responded with the following.

    Goldberg!goldberg! What does that remind you off @scotthallnwo

    [email protected] @SCOTTHALLNWO
    @IAMOWOMIZZ #GoldMark

    1:11 AM - 24 Oct 2013

    His slight is in reference to Goldberg having a reputation within the professional wrestling industry of taking his character too seriously.

    In the past, Goldberg has labeled Hall as “unprofessional” and blamed him for a near career-ending injury at a December 1999 WCW event where he smashed the windows of a limousine with his bare hands. He lost a large amount of blood due to this and came within one centimeter of having to have an arm amputated.

    “I should’ve killed him but I didn’t,” Goldberg told Mike Mooneyham of The Post & Courier in a 2001 interview discussing the incident. “Scott Hall is very unprofessional and he often breaks character and does things I don’t agree with. I try to be professional and set a positive example, but unfortunately he doesn’t share the same views. Vince Russo couldn’t control him and we had an issue, and instead of being unprofessional and making him pay, I took my frustrations out on that limousine.”

    Source: Pwmania
  2. Blames someone for being unprofessional and says he should've killed him? :lol1:
  3. Scott was one of the best wrestlers of his era and Goldberg was one of the best draws of all time.

    I personally love the fact that they accuse each other of being unprofessional. That gave me a chuckle.

  4. Scott just owned Goldberg
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  5. Goldberg is a huge mark. He blocked me on Twitter for saying Ryback is better than him. If he wasn't such a mark for himself, I don't think it would matter to him. He blames losing to Kevin Nash at Starrcade for his popularity waning as well.

    Uhhh if you're whole gimmick is "I don't lose", then you don't really have a leg to stand on.

    I don't know how to say this next bit succinctly. Essentially I love how the smarks who started chanting Goldberg at Ryback, out of disdain for both, have started a Goldberg resurgence. I liked Goldberg when he was red hot, and I always welcome the return of guys for big one-off matches. The thing is that these fans don't care for either Goldberg OR Ryback yet they've singlehandedly ensured a WrestleMania match between them due to the Goldberg chants catching on with the casual fans.

    Ryback is a helluva better worker than Goldberg for a few reasons. He takes some nasty ass bumps for a guy his size, he's not afraid to do the J-O-B, and he's not a mark for himself. He understands the business and his role inside that construct. Goldberg...? I don't think he understands it or even cares for the business to this day. He's just in it for a paycheck. That said, I do look forward to the Goldberg vs Ryback deal at Mania. It should hopefully be better than Goldberg vs Lesnar since Ryback is much more professional than Lesnar was at that stage.
  6. If Goldberg wrestles Ryback, I'll be cheering for Ryback. He'll have to carry Goldberg anyway.

    Everything in your post is spot-on. Especially this last paragraph.

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