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  1. Yeah it's a poor man's rip off of Testify's thread in the legends section but still let's go. I'll do a match a week, showing why I feel you should watch it and a star rating it probably won't be awfully long as it's all about the wrestling. It'll generally be shit that I watched recently and liked :dawg:

    [size=x-large]Match 1 [/size]​

    Volador jr Vs Rey Escorpion 29 - 01 - 13


    A simple way to judge a competitor's selling is to watch him when he thinks everyone else has forgotten about it. Volador is a testiment for this as he doesn't stop, the match starts up with Volador taking a big bump on the outside onto his head and the ending sequence really showed the grogginess from this more than most would, anyone who says Lucha is all flippy shit with no storytelling is living for an awful stereotype. It does happen but not all lucha is like this.

    The first fall counter from Hurricanrana isn't overly original but the execution was solid and well built, the match really took on a new lease of life into the 2nd and final falls. Rey took the first but Volador took the second after feigning many different hurricanrana attempts he rolls him up for the second fall, also I think this is where we see a crossbody from the stage.

    The final fall is an example of making a match mean something, the risks are riskier, the kicks stiffer and the hurricanarana to the outside shows this well however it's the grogginess of Volador which ups this match up, along with the bump from the outside and previous injuries he's caught by a spinning package piledriver to concede the final fall.

    Rey wins 2 falls to 1.

    My star rank : **** stars maybe edging to **** 1/4 on a good day.
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  2. Was going to make a similar thread just for TNA. :downer:
  3. Do it, we'll compete :bury:
  4. Fuck, I gotta give my thoughts on the match.
    Forgot that.
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  6. [video=dailymotion]http:emoji_confused:/[/video]

    Tanahashi is the John Cena of Japan, now I wish someone would show John this. Tana goes over but Anderson looks a threat and comes out of it looking like a million dollars (yen?)

    Karl has found his single's niche now as a seasoned vet IMO, the crowd was hot for it and I loved the psychology of each man scouting the others signature. The top rope F5 spot left me heart in mouth, how the f*ck did he not pick up the title there? I digged the Bernard driver tribute to Tensai also, finally it showed why Tanahashi is the best in the world IMO Anderson looked like a million dollars (yen?) at the end, Anderson was magic with Okada but better with Tanahashi. The cutters were dope, especially the one on the ropes and Karl sold the leg well at times
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