Second Debut

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  1. Announcer 1: Who the hell?
    Announcer 2: It's the kid we saw about a month ago! Uh... what's his name...

    *At 0:12 seconds of the song, Joey Bryant walks down to the ring with a mic in hand. When he gets to the ring, he raises it to his face.*

    "I know, it was probably very easy to forget me. So let me reintroduce myself. My name, is Joey Bryant. I came out last month claiming that I was going to make my impact, that I would change the face of the IWT. I couldn't of been more wrong. Thing is, I never understood this place. I watched guys have random matches and I watched the top guys have title matches and I got anxious week after week just waiting to finally get my chance to show myself finally. It seems right now is a great time. So let me call out anyone in the back, really anyone. I have been waiting to compete in this ring for a month, so come on out."

    *He waits from someone*

    -I felt like I'd actually give this a shot this time lol.
  2. *Adam walks out on stage with the title on his shoulder*​
    Well Well Well, Look who cared to join us. You want an open challenge well you got one right here, You come out here with that smug ass face of yours acting like your some big shot and that you are here to make an impact well guess what so is everyone, And only a few make it to where I am! Do you even know who I am? I am the current Tag Team Champion, I am in the MITB ladder match and I will face Farooq for the X-Divison title at Summerslam, Does that mean anything to you? Well it better, There was a guy who said he wanted to make an impact and I ended his career in his debut so bring it on mothefucker!​
  3. "Ahhh Adam! I must say I wasn't expecting you. I've seen what you can do as well and I definitely have been impressed. But as the cliche goes, to be the best you got to beat the best. I figure you're a great competitor to start with. Whoever's career you ended must not have been up to par, but I warn you I certainly am. Looking for to our match, champ. Or should I say chump?"
    -You can pick the match or however this goes hahah. I need to adapt to this at some point.
  4. *Adam laughs*​
    This match will take you to places where you have never been before I sure as hell wont let you get off easy, This match is a match that ends careers this match will match will be A STEEL CAGE MATCH!​
    @Johnathan make this match!​
  5. Make it for tomorrow, got a party to go to tonight. Looking forward to this.
  6. Have fun DKJames. *grins* I'll be watching.
  7. Adam568 this can happen sometime today.
  8. I'll be in Adam's corner. I will only be able to cut a promo. I don't want to interfere too much
  9. Gimme a couple hours, Im watching wrestling road diaries then im going out to eat.
  10. Alright, after TNA would work perfect for me.
  11. :yay: You'll watch TNA!
  12. Not for me, Thats like 3 am here
  13. I always watch TNA. :woo:

    Damn hahah alright. Just let me know, I'll be on.
  14. Have you watched every single TNA episode? I have lmao. :woo:

    Would it be better for you both tomorrow?
  15. I've watched a lot of them hahah.
    Tomorrow would probably be better actually.
  16. So if you two agree, the match will take place tomorrow