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  1. * the camera cuts to gav the chav who is stood in the ring waiting to address the crowd*

    ( Gav the chav) wow what a night last night was team FSW defeated team jwab lost his xtreme title to and as you all know I lost my IWT belt to joey bryant I know it fucking sucks you know what the worst part is I thought I might actually win I genuinely thought id beat joey bryant untill the moment the bell rang and gavs optimism was completely destroyed I stood there in front of joey and I realised just how big the task was in front of me I just wanted to quit I was just thinking fuck it joey just take the damn belt I was literally ready to simply hand over the belt without even attempting to do anything I didn't feel like I was good enough

    and right now I'm feeling like complete shit that little spark in me has completely vanished joey didn't just take my belt he took my inner chavness and now gav no longer feels like hes a chav and if I don't feel like a chav anymore how can I continue doing this how can I be gav the chav if I'm not feeling like a chav and the simple fact is I can't and so I guess this I farewell I'm leaving IWT and I might never come back but if I do whoevers IWT champion better watch out because im still owed a rematch and ill be coming straight for you but untill that day I guess this is goodbye so see you later you cheeky ****s!

    *gav drops the mic and leaves the arena*
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  2. OOC - @Bill Clinton We all gonna have comedy gimmicks or what now?
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  3. Soft as fuck
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  4. :pipebomb:

    You hooking up with Trip now chav?
  5. Nah gavs going back to cause some carnage in his home town