Storyline See You Later

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by TheWUKMaster, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. People i will taking a break for 3 months as my exams are coming up and i am doing a new job which is secert but inwill pop you one more time at iwt raw pilot so for now goodbye for 3 month

    OR IS IT
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  2. r u suckin dik for bitcoinz?
  3. How did he know lol not really im 16
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  4. For 3 months
  5. damn dog, you must be slaying puss like that. thats some real shit man. respect
  6. Well you have been mean to everyone my fight at iwt raw pilot.will be me and tumbas
  7. who
  8. New pilot look on the other pilot
  9. lmao, classic WUK what can I say
  10. OOC - IWT Raw - just a note, I'm 100% against this.
  11. Just your opinion
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  12. What
  13. O SHIIII :pipebomb::pipebomb::pipebomb::pipebomb:
  14. Oddly enough, my opinion matters here. :pity1:

    I could stop you from doing it, by locking/deleting the thread but I refused to crush spirits like Jono, so I'm giving you a shot. Despite the idea being pretty suckish.
  15. You.know let cancel the raw iwt if you dont want it it is your comperny and sorry for backchating i pretty stress but i will not be here for 3 months so my final match will be ppv
  16. You won't be here for 3 months after next month?
  18. No i will still be on the forum but not on iwt