Storyline Seeing The Light [KIDISM REVEALED]

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    We see a glimpse inside the arena. There is a couch in the middle of the ring.

    Christian's theme hits as he comes out to a mixed reaction

    Christian steps into the ring and sits on the couch with a magazine in hand.
    Christian lays the magazine down and picks up a microphone.

    You know, occasionally I would be out here talking about my Wrestlemania opponent. But in all honesty, Jwab does NOT deserve any recognition in this business. He's a fraud, he's a liar, he's a cheater...

    In short, he's the worst kind of human being there can possibly be. Moving along, I can sit here and talk about many things within this shithole of a company in which we all call I.W.T.

    I can talk about that mark, Dolph'sZiggler...

    Crowd reacts positively to his name

    I'm guessing he's praised all of you on twitter. Shocking!

    I can talk about YOUR IWT General Manager, Mr. Smith...

    Crowd reacts negatively to his name

    Surprisingly, I don't like that f*** face either.

    Or... I can talk about the World Heavyweight Champion, Dat Kid...

    Crowd reacts negatively

    But I won't talk about any of them. What I WILL talk about is this lie that Dat Kid has been spreading around for a while now. A lie that no one should ever have to face, a lie that can make you go insane.

    Kidism. Kidism, which in fact is a religion. Everyone has heard about that word religion, right? What is religion? I'll tell you what it is. RELIGION is something that gives each and everyone of you people EXCUSES. That's right, it gives each and everyone of you EXCUSES. See, these people aren't willing to ADMIT their own faults, so what do these people do?! They resort to these lies spread in books, these lectures in held in venues and they use it to give them HOPE because they aren't strong enough to believe in themselves! What these people are... is WEAK! All Kidism is, is an excuse that Dat Kid has created because of his failures! The failure of which he is ashamed of, the failures in which he wants to forget!

    An FSW chant breaks out

    It's a drug that people buy into because it's new and hip, but luckily I can see through these stuff, because unlike each and everyone of you folks sitting in the crowd and watching at home... I am strong! I am stronger than each and every one of you! I am stronger than your religions, I am stronger than your holy books and I AM STRONGER THAN YOUR GODS! That's right, you heard me! There are over hundreds of religions across the globe, in which all of them obligate that they're all real and that others don't exist, they're false, they're lies. And truth be told, all of them are lies... What you see before your eyes right now is real . I am a man that you can all believe in!

    You see people like Dat Kid are going town to town trying to preach their religion. Well luckily I have caught footage of Dat Kid's seminar of Kidism and can show you the fraud that he is. And I will reveal it to you people watching in this arena and around the world... right... now!

    Christian points toward the titantron


    THAT'S RIGHT! Kidsm isn't only a religion! It's a DRUG that's addictive, restrictive and most of all sadistic! And before any of you fall in hand to those lies that he will tell you, I, Christian, will be here waiting...

    I'm not from some phony fairy tale, I'm not someone who will redirect you to substances, I'm not someone who will tell you lies! I... am someone that you can belive in! Because seeing... is believing... and all of you people can see who stands before you!

    Remember my name... My name is Christian and I will once again be your World Heavyweight Champion...

    Because THAAT'S...

    Christian looks towards the entrance ramp in anger
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  2. *Jwab walks out. He has his eyes fixed on Christian. He snarls up his nose and slowly walks towards the ring. Jwab keeps his gaze fixed at Christian but can't help to look left and right at the crowd. The kids are holding out their hands trying to get a high five but it isn't gonna happen. Christian is yelling at Jwab to get in the ring and Jwab is slowly walking towards Christian. Jwab looks behind himself just to make sure that no one is creeping behind him. He slowly walk towards the ringside while Christian is standing above him in the ring telling him to get his ass in the ring. Jwab slowly walks towards the steel steps. He looks at them and looks back up at Christian who is walking parallel. He is attacking Jwab with his words. Commanding him to get in the ring. Jwab slowly starts walking up to the steel steps. Placing his left hand on the ring post. A loud sound coming from the speaker erupts*
  3. Jonathan appears on the titantron

    I'm tired of having two of you causing havoc on my show! You will NOT have any physical interaction with each other until Wrestlemania! And if you do, you can both say goodbye to your IWT contracts! Now, the next time you two will meet will be here in two days. You two will have an official contract signing for your match and to ensure that you don't attack each other like mad men before the big day! And I will say it one more time... if you two decide to fight with each other before Mania... I will publicly come out there and fire you on the spot!

    The titantron turns off
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  4. CM Punk Bump FTW
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  5. Hey buddy, don't you dare make light of my twitter fan interactions.
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