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    *Lord Lee is sat in his office as he stares blankly into the camera, face dead of expression.*

    Lord Lee: For so damn long, IWT has felt less like an activity to me and more like a job. I won't lie, I was dejected and demotivated when my feud with Dolph's went the way it did, it felt like my meaning was lost in the attic and would take some deep searching to retrieve. I now feel so damn adamant on finding it, I will engage in any unique and interesting activity that comes my way at this point.

    Sure, I face Kambucha Kaizer in defence of my title, but him resembling an IWT Adam Cole to me gives little excitement to my mind, merely the thought of controlling and manipulating him for 20 minutes is the sweetness that makes me care for the match itself.

    When I was approached with the offer to become part of a stable again, I didn't care who offered it, could have Roadster or Frank for all I care, as long as they had relevance in the company and I know them well enough I was naturally going to insert myself.

    And that's my point, no-one not one sees me as a worthy ally, but more just another target on their cross-heirs. I have said before and I'll say it again, being on your own in the IWT can be nice but you feel the real benefits of being here when you have people you defer to and trust.

    It is worth noting too that sometimes a political figure with high notoriety will enlist a higher class second in command, so that people's attentions are caught by the figurehead while the second in commands gets the results achieved.

    The satisfaction I felt as my colleagues texted me, as they expressed dismay as to me announcing the partnership I made. But don't worry, I'm just taking a risk, because if you don't take a risk, you will never be able to live. As a child I was overly cautious with overly cautious parents so I resented them and took MMA against their will so I could understand the concept of excitement and then did porn to spite them again.

    And heck, if this 'invest' doesn't turn me a profit, then I can always 'sell it back off'. I'm a politician and I'm paid to spin things in a manipulative way. I haven't felt this fresh and excited since before Elimination Chamber.

    The potential self-harm this gives to my career is what makes me want it so much, so I can understand what its truly live on the wild side.

    I'm part of an Imperial Nation and the critics of it can give Ben Dover fellatio all.night.long!!

    *The feed cuts*
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