Storyline Self Righteous Retribution

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  1. "GTFO" by Makeshift plays as the crowd boos immensely.
    Braeden Cross walks out with blood stained on his shirt and a bandage on his head.
    Cross picks up 2 microphones from the ring announcer's area and enters the ring with 2 steel chairs. He sets the chairs up and sits a microphone on one and sits in the other, mic in hand.
    He begins to sing to the tune of "O Danny Boy"

    Braeden Cross: Oh, Jacky boy.... The chairs, the chairs are swinging.
    From bell to bell, and cracking eachother's heads.
    When Survival's done, your career will be dying.
    'tis you, tis you who will be dead.

    Braeden Cross: Jack Lux, I can't wait until Survival, so I set up this little two chair and mic deal for you and I to go face to face in the ring, before we bludgeon eachother within an inch of our lives. Because there are a few things I'd like to say to your face before I rearrange it at Survival.
    The crowd boos Cross intensely.
    Braeden Cross: You see, I was once like you people, I thought Jack Lux could do no wrong, I shouted down anybody who said otherwise and I worshipped the ground that washed up, never-was walked on. As a matter of fact, I did it before any of you even KNEW who Jack Lux was. And Jack knows this, Jack knows how dedicated I was to following him. But as we all know, there comes a time in a person's life that they put away the childish bullshit and face reality. There comes a time where you look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself that you're not going to take anybody's shit anymore and that you're going to bring retribution to all of those who wronged you. You see Jack Lux, you made one fatal flaw when you attacked me. You left me breathing. And you just don't do that with Braeden Cross. So I'd like for you to come out here, take a seat opposite me and allow me to tell you exactly what's going to happen at Survival. And if by some miracle you come out of that I Quit match in one piece, you're going to wish I destroyed you. Because no matter what, I'm going to make your life a living hell.
    Cross waits in the ring, sitting in his chair watching the ramp and waiting for Jack Lux

  2. *Jack Lux come out acting as cocky as he can, Lux roll into the ring grabs the mic and takes a seat*

    Jack Lux: That's some beautiful voice you have, I know church choir who could use you.

    *Jack Lux chuckles, and brings the chair closer to Braeden Cross before talking again*

    Jack Lux: Braeden, you say you're going to rearrange my face, as if that's going to make me say I quit. Let me tell you something bro... Actually I'm sure I don't to tell you this, but some the wonderful audience don't know this, I have never lost in an I quit match. I've been in 6 of them since i was 18 when pro wrestling career started. Each of more bloodier than the last, so you may rearrange my face, that doesn't mean I saying I quit. And Braeden, after Survival these people will know who I am. They'll call me Jack Lux "The man who ended Braeden Cross" that's why I left you breathing, those 10 chair shots were just the beginning, at Survival I'll do way worse than 10 chair shots. I'll put you through tables, chairs, ladders, walls backstage. And I'm going to enjoy myself, I might tape up your mouth during match, so my enjoyment doesn't end earlier than I want it too.

    *The crowd begin chanting " Lux is going to kill you" over and over again*

    Jack Lux: Oh, and Braeden before bullshit starts coming out your mouth again, you say something along the lines of making my life a living hell if come out of Survival in one piece. So I going to ask you this, how do someones life a living hell after you made them your bitch?

    *Jack Lux wait for a response from Braeden Cross*
  3. Cross listens to what Lux has to say, a little smirk creeps onto his face when Lux brings up duct taping his mouth
    Braeden Cross: Well, may I just say, that was a mighty fine speech Lux, how many times did you rehearse that in front of the mirror? Wait, don't answer that, I like that we're face to face here, I like the fact that you accepted my invitation. I'm glad that I can talk to the man that made me cough up blood last time we were in the same building together. I'm glad that all of these self righteous cretins are here to witness the calm before a very bloody storm. You say you're going to be the man that ends Braeden Cross? Well, let me tell you something, the sight of my blood doesn't cause me to puss out and become your bitch, as a matter of fact, the sight of my own blood causes me to become a monster. Consumed by the desire to eviscerate the person standing opposite me. You're right, you don't need to tell me, I'm well aware of your I Quit match history. But you see, there's a difference between knowing and caring. I know your history, I just don't give a fuck. You're probably not aware, but I spent a few years competing in deathmatches all over Japan, and let me tell you something, Jack. Not one of them could keep me down. You can get your peons to chant "Lux is gonna kill you" as much as you'd like, son. The fact of the matter is, at Survival, you're not going to walk out. And I WILL get MY retribution.
    Cross leans back and stares intensely at Lux
  4. *Lux laughs at Braeden Cross' comments*

    Jack Lux: Braeden, I'm well aware of your history in Japanese deathmatches. That doesn't mean anything to me. And I don't care what happens when you see your blood, like you said there's a difference between knowing and caring, and I love you make it seem like I've never been in Japanese deathmatch. And when my fans, not peons say...

    *The crowd finishes off Jack Lux's sentence "Lux is going to kill you"*

    Jack Lux: It's because they know I'm going to fuck you up, and that why I'm making you my bitch not because I make you bleed. Now the last thing you said really got me confused, what retribution do you need? I still truly interested in this retribution, because all the the bad shit you've said about I have proven you've taken out of context, so please enlighten me you little primadonna.

    *Lux readjust himself on the chair, while waiting for Braeden Cross to respond.*
  5. Cross stares intensely at Lux, not breaking eye contact.
    Braeden Cross: You know Jack, it's real cute that you claim innocence for your past transgressions. The amount of snarky comments you've sent the way of a, now former, die hard fan during multiple shows we were both featured on. You seem to have no memory of a card where we were scheduled to team up. This was the day that I thought that I had been deemed "good enough" to hang with the best of them, but what happened? I get informed by management that I was having my match changed and I was now being placed in the opening match against someone who had no fucking business being in the ring at all. When I asked why, I was told that you and our originally scheduled opponents pulled a power play and said "Cross isn't ready to hang with the big boys"
    Cross gets up and grabs Lux by the throat.
    Braeden Cross: Here's a little preview of what I'm going to do to you at Survival.
    Cross drills Lux with a headbutt right back to the nose, busting it open yet again.
    While Lux recovers, Cross folds up his chair and proceeds to dent it right over the cranium of Lux, who is now bleeding profusely from 2 places

    Braeden Cross: Eye for an eye, motherfucker!
    Cross puts his hand on Lux's bloodied up face and wipes the blood all over his face before smacking the already dented steel chair over the face of Lux again and again who repeatedly begs for more.
    Cross bashes the chair into Lux's head to the point that it breaks in two.
    Cross throws the chair out of the ring before retreating into the corner and measures his bloodied up and woozy foe.
    Cross puts his right hand up in the shape of a gun and motions to shoot his former idol before hitting his running knee strike that he calls "One in the Chamber" knocking out Lux. Cross looks over the damage he just caused and laughs before picking up a mic

    Braeden Cross: Still think I'm fucking around?
    Cross drops the mic onto Lux's lifeless body before walking out of the ring to dead silence
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