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  1. In this world there are coals, which burn away quickly; and there are diamonds, who last forever. What you saw earlier with Dat Jobber, Crazy Cat Chick, and Woody is what happens when coal burns out. Funny thing is,this isn't the first time they've pulled this crap. So all of you out there snivelling and sobbing, grow the fuck up!

    You still have 2 glorious diamonds to shine in front of you. The only two men NEVER to quit or go on hiatus in IWT history: YOUR leader Jonathan, and yours truly, the triple threat.

    I stand here backing the man who worked behind the curtain as hard as I work in front on it. You should all bow before our presence and learn your place.

    IWT didn't miss them before and we sure as hell won't miss them now! Good riddance to bad rubbish!
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  2. *Jonathan walks out from the curtain and stands at the top of the aisle, smirking and looking happy with himself.*
  3. Cya when the new fed opens senhor

    *Leaves arena for good8
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    The music hits, and Aids Johnson walks out, slowly. He has a mic in hand, and stands at the top ramp, waiting to cut the music off until the Jesus part hits, around 40 seconds.

    I dont know about you people, but this is some of the funniest shit i have ever seen in my life. Dat Jobber? Brita? Danny?

    I think you mean the Man who helped rebuild the company, staying in the back when he could have been on the main stage, snatching up the IC title from the irrelevant man who has held onto it like he does his favorite teddy bear. Me? Nah he cant hold a torch to the champ, but thats not the point.

    Brita? Oh the woman who created this company? Danny, the person who helped you stay relevant in a tag team, when no one wanted to waste an hour of their time in a ring with you? Face it Senhor, you need this to BECOME relevant, because you havent mattered in this company since I beat your bitch ass at wrestlemania, and threw that piece of shit gold you carried around in the toilet.

    ...And i came back. I came back because things were really on the upside, and ill be honest, i was jealous. I wanted to be relevant, and what did i do? I won a MITB match that was practically ignored by everyone besides myself, and i cashed that shit in to be champ. You? If George even shows up to your match, you might as just well fly down from the ceiling like Owen Hart.

    I'm sticking around in this business, because times are about to get bad. Really bad. And you know what? I thrive in this atmosphere. The Cure is going to retain their belts, im going to beat the shit out of the only worthwhile face left in this company in Sackfist, and Jonathan is going to be forced to bump your irrelevant ass up, instead of doing you a favor by handing you a European belt. You could carry it with pride.

    Face it, Jonathan has always been a cancer here, and i have 0 problem curing it by buring him 6 feet deep, with the rest of this company.

    *Aids drops the mic like a pipebomb, but kicks it high into the air before it has the chance to drop. He holds up his IWT champions, as he backs into the backstage area.
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  5. I wonder, could you even cut a promo with using the words relevant or irrelevant? The only thing you are your group of teeny boppers are a cure for is insomnia. You fucking hypocrite, you quit just like those other cowards and came crawling back begging and clawing. Who let you return? None other than Jonathan with a vote of confidence from me. Don't bite that hands that feed you, do what's best for you and IWT, close your mouth until its RELEVANT to the situation. The diamond coalition won't be influenced by the likes of you. The time has come for me to stop being the good company hand and take my rightful place at the top. With the all powerful Jonathan by my side, I can't be stopped Aidsey. Not by you. Not by George, not by anyone.

    *Senhor laughs maniacally*
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