Storyline Senhor will not get another chance to decay the IC belt; Sir Lee Declares

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  1. *Sir Lee Comes from back into arena, His IC belt around his waist to no music and no titantron, with a look of grimace, he runs into the ring. He snatches the microphone from the ring announcer and head-butts him before shoving him through the middle rope. The announcer is laid out on the floor, his nose and mouth profusely oozing a crimson red liquid, fans and EMTs look on in horror*

    Sir Lee: I know the truth.......I know it all now, you tried to hide it Senhor, you maple syrup slurping inbred. You thought you could escape but my team of investigators caught you like the manipulative miscreant you really are! Throughout my PWGP match with Pearson, the referee was intentionally much more restrictive of my moves towards Pearson than Pearsons moves towards me, thus killing my offence. I wonder why....

    You, with your infinite wisdom knew that I'm on a hot streak and wanted to put a dagger in my confidence, giving you an easy win in our EC match. BUT I'M NOT LIKE THAT, I DON'T LET THESE OCCASIONAL SLIP UPS DEFINE ME, This *Points to his Belt* IS WHAT DEFINES ME AND MY SUCCESS. It USED to define Senhor, and Senhor defined bland and uninspiring Promos. His promos against George for example, were immature and mediocre, possibly the most underwhelming mid-card title match I've ever seen, and possibly one of the most underwhelming IWT matches I've seen....

    I promise to the fans that I won't let this dirtbag get away with it or ever ruin the IC belt AGAIN. A legacy that turned stale was destroyed by Draven, who I destroyed at the Royal Rumble. Now, I get to destroy yet another self-entitled veteran whose best days were back when the World didn't know what a Cure or a Order was, or even what a Female IWT champion.....

    These veterans are WASHED UP HASBEENS, WHOSE LAZY WORKRATE MADE ALL THE YOUNG TALENT FLEE TO SUCH E-FEDS LIKE FNW,ACW AND FSW!!! Heck, even PWR, who contacted me on several occasions, so did ACW...But I hate to brag!! Some talent has been salvaged, I'm exhibit A after all, and Alias is exhibit B of the evidence, but that just isn't enough to say the damage wasn't done!!

    The Cure was formed to get rid of these cancers, but really, I didn't need some STUPID GIMMICKY stable to make it happen...All I need is myself.....Nothing else!

    So at Elimination Chamber; I will enter, I will fight, Senhor will weep as I tear apart his limbs. HE WILL CRY AS HE WAKES UP TO REALISE THE MAN HE FACES.....Is not some arrogant self-centered elitest patriot, but instead....A MANIAC!!! A INCENSED LUNATIC, WHO WOULD SELL HIS OWN MOTHER TO MAKE A PROFIT!!!! I WOULD SELL SENHORS CORPSE FOR A PROFIT!!!!

    But this doesn't matter to him...All that matters...Is winning the belt, taking all the glory and pissing off back to running his cute little tournaments.

    Your former IWT IC chump..I mean champ, everybody!!

    *Sir Lee hurls the mic out of the ring, it projectiles towards the announcers skull, cracking, leaving yet more blood travelling down his head, EMTs finally assist as Sir Lee chuckles in the middle of the ring. The crowd are in despair.*
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  2. *The Roadie Comes Out With A Message from Roadster*

    The IC Title represents the demons we have the Ode To Freud, but it will be clean....soon enough
  3. OOC: @Senhor Perfect you wanna hype this match in some way/shape/form?
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  5. *Senhor appears at the top of the ramp, blond hair slicked back into a pony tail, flashing a million dollar smile. He soaks in the duelling chants of:

    "Wel-come back!"
    "Get the fuck out!"
    "Wel-come back!"
    "Get the fuck out!"*

    So nice to see the level of intelligence in the crowd hasn't risen since I was last here.

    I've been waiting a long time for the chance to get my title back. It doesn't matter to me who is standing In the ring, just like every other time. I was always counted out by the pundits, "he's too old" "his number is up" "he's too damn handsome to keep putting his body on the line" No matter what bullshit was flung at me, time and time again I came out on top.

    Blood, sweat and tears; my opponents secreted all those things whilst in the ring with me. I've barely ever even elevated my heart rate. I think it's time the world sees me go at near full tilt, I've held back long enough and there's been a cold spot around my waist where my precious IC title once called home. So whoever the hell you are, if you're still the champ by EC: you WILL fail, you WILL lose, and you WILL witness PERFECTION!