Serious discussion here whos taking the title off Paige?

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  1. Ok serious discussion here whos taking the title off Paige? its not gonna be Emma as shes already debuted on Raw so looks like Paige is retaining the title at this PPV on the WWE network. So this makes me question who will take the title off her from the other NXT divas. Paige is soon to be on the main roster from whats been reported so its gonna be soon she loses it. Maybe Sasha Banks? shes a heel and becoming a strong character on NXT
  2. Emma. Best women's wrestler in NXT and deserves it.
  3. Paige's reign has become so damn stale I'll take anyone, but I'd agree with Emma being the next best candidate.
  4. Has Paige ever defended the title? She is never even on the show anymore.
  5. not like she will get called up anytime soon so what's the rush
  6. Her last defense was on December 4th against Natalya. Since then she hasn't been doing much, making her reign stale as hell. It'd already been stale for a while, but it slowly worsened.
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  7. She'll probably hold it till she goes to the main roster and NXT will hold a tournament for the belt.
  8. I'm not so sure, cause Rollins and Big E got their callups to the main roster, and they both still held the belts. Big E moreso, but you get the point.
  9. Is Alexa Bliss coming up to NXT still? Because if so she's perfect....

  10. ^ chick on the right kinda looks like Amia Miley :gusta:
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  11. Paige has been hurt since like mid November, that's why she hasn't defended the title recently. I'm hoping Bayley ends up getting it eventually!
  12. I don't think her gimmick will allow that.
  13. It's not gonna be Emma. So, I'm gonna go with Sasha Banks or Bayley. I like Bayley....but this thing she has going on... is weird.
  14. For some reason I like Charlotte better and want her to get the belt.
  15. Forgot all about Charlotte lol
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  16. She is as boring as a chip with no flavor.
  17. She can be entertaining, just needs more time to develop the character. Summer is the self proclaimed mouthpiece of the BFFs, so I'll give it time.
  18. Her moves are amazing, Her finisher is pretty cool. I just don't know, seeing her backstage with her mic skills, they are a little off. But hey I guess thats why she's in NXT, to improve :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Paige is soon to be on the main roster from whats been reported so she has to drop the title to someone she cant still be champion while on the main roster