Storyline Seriously, who the hell is Sir Ree-Gus-Lee?

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  1. *We see Sir Lee sat in a leather chair, Black everything; gloves included, legs crossed in casual yet serious matter, if that's even possible...Sir Lee has a welcoming yet stern face..If that makes sense.... He is sat in a dark office, not so dark that Sir Lee can't be seen, but the room looks very gloomy*

    Sir Lee: Ladies and Germs, I am producing this video package to inform you of who me, the new and improved ME is. I suppose going into a bit more detail than the generic "I'm the opposite of the man I once was" would be appreciated by you common folk.

    So everyone, get your popcorn, get your snacks, get your pillows, get comfy because you'll need it to cope with the intensity of the tale I tell today.

    Now I am a different person, I now have a pure and extreme hatred of sleaze...To me, sleaze is a cancer that causes me much pain, it is now what I hate most, and I hate myself for once being a porn star, the sleaziest of sleaze. But to call myself a "star" for that is a little comical to say the least. During the last part of my transformation, I crossed paths with our honourable Queen as we passed in the hallway, she told of her match, but also her dynasty in mind, at the time it sounded, magical, the concept that we had in place. Thus, I accepted, making myself a member of the mighty Ministry. It wasn't until after our honourable Queen had beaten that Ginger Spice into the bag of bones he's really worth, that I made my statement, I showed the intensity I could never show as Ben, as Ben was a deluded boy living in a harsh World. You see folks, to me, outside of the ring, we should all be respectful of each other, no need to swear, like Alias did earlier, no need for any of it. I actually feel really bad I attacked Alias, I never wanted to, but he came at me and I couldn't just let him hurt me, what would that make me? Exactly. While our antics out of the ring should be nothing less than inspirational and charming......Inside the squared circle.....It ain't a game people....It's a battlefield, one that I look at with intensity and anticipation every time I lay my eyes on it.

    The man Sir Ree-Gus-Lee, is a man that has no time for vulgar, as well as having no time for pretty much anything considered vulgar. I guess some of the failures I have experienced...I blame on the porn industry. For all the things I did for porn, and for much the entire 14-60 age demographic that watched, It's porn that's held me back, like a stigma. No more... no longer will tie me down. That was a different person. As I said before, you may not like this new me, but it's who I want to be, and no longer will I be tied down by commoners and inferiors telling me who to be. Only I tell myself who to be, and the ministry play a vital advisory role, helping me make the right choices as they lurk into this new path.

    Alias, when we meet again, don't hold back, because I won't. I may still like just as much as I did before I made the concious decision of changing my life, but you're still you doing your thing I suppose. I hope that when we fight, our words and actions live up to the intense expectations that the World are putting on us. The spotlight is on me folks, what will I do? That's for you to find out!!

    *The camera abruptly cuts*
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  2. *A TV infront of Sir Lee's leather chair flickers on and off for a few seconds until Alias Antonio is shown on it with a distasteful expression*

    Well if it isn't ol' innocent "I feel bad for attacking you" boy, Ben Dover. How are you feeling today? I've still got that bookmark, no pun intended, from that cheap shot earlier. You try and enjoy acting like the bigger man in every circumstance, isn't that so? But in reality, look at you, hiding in Queen's basement avoiding me at all costs? You really have changed Ben. For the worst.

    You say porn held you back, but what you fail to apprehend is that this new stable you're part of will hold you back to midcard obscurity and mediocrity for the rest of your life. Surely you must want to be a main event player, surely you must want to face the VP's, the Aids', the Dat Kid's, or would you rather stay where you always have bee, facing the likes of Adam on a weekly basis? Face it Dover, this "transformation" will just decrease your career to an all time low. I'm not telling you what to do, I'm just saying use that conscience you claim you have.

    Swearing isn't bad if you use it for the appropiate reasons, just like most things in this world. I can insult you all I want, I can tear you apart anally all I want, and I can do whatever the FUCK I FUCKING want with you, you piece of shit. Don't think you're so special just because you deem yourself one of very few who were approached by The Ministry, because they fucking approached me too. I've lost way too many things in life, but one thing I wasn't prepared to lose was my dignity Ben, but it seems the very bit of it you had left has completely vanished. You are not your own person Ben, you are being deceitful to yourself, living in the midst of lies. You're still a deluded boy living in a harsh world, and I don't mind giving you a reality check.

    Those who enjoy their own emotionally bad health and who habitually fill their own minds with the rank poisons of suspicion, jealousy and hatred, as a rule take umbrage at those who refuse to do likewise, and they find a perverted relief in trying to denigrate them. And of course I'm referring to Ben. Cocksucker.
    You insist that you still like me, but when it comes to my emotional perception towards you, I fucking hate you Ben.
    And when we meet next time, I will beat the shit sense out of you, to the point where you will forget your "vulgar" past, your dark present, and your not so prosperous future! That's right, I'll be sending you to hell, Dover.

    *The TV turns off*
  3. Sir Lee: Don't you understand Alias, you overzealous nitwit, I didn't start this war, YOU.....You started this, I still like you very much, I just want a different life, not my fault you've grown an attachment to Ben Dover. You need to get over yourself and understand that isn't all about you, It is MY decide what I do with my life and career. I like the potential of the Ministry, I felt The Cure had run of gas, and that there was no need in refiling it.

    You must understand Alias, that I'm man that likes to let things move at their own pace. The IC title to me is a wonderful place for me to cement myself right now, why be rush things like a deluded buffoon and let it blow up in my face. People like Aids, like Victoria, are the cream of the crop, I know better than anyone else, that I must pay my dues first, before such opportunities are presented to me.

    You taught to me a lot Alias, but I want to know more, the men in this glorious Ministry, will also teach ever so much. There's a reason being in a stable is all important to me, having comrades in such a vicious business is pivotal at times, they teach you so much, and keep you safe during those rare times of vulnerability. Don't worry Alias, maybe you feel that again one day.

    I find it deliciously rich that you dig at how my vocabulary just makes me look intellectual than I actually am, yet the way you articulate yourself is unnecessarily complex. Don't worry, I personally enjoy good literature, so why not hear someone speak in such a classy and composed way, I prefer to the curses and expletives you throw around. As a professional, I understand that image I set to children is one of importance, self-defence is one of them, before you jump straight to me turning you into a bookworm; hope you enjoyed the read by the Alias, maybe you can put in your bookshelf with all the encyclopaedias, dictionaries and thesauruses you have.

    We will meet soon, Alias, but me must wait....wait until the peak of time. It will make oh so sweeter... Remember that Alias, greed is what ruins great men......And turns them into primitive apes.....You're not like that though....You're sooooo much better Alias. You've just got to prove it to me, don't satisfy the grotesque teenager you adore.....Satisfy the elegant man who is the picture definition of 'Majestic'.
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    *The TV turns back on*

    I started this war? I fucking started it? Explain how Ben, you were the one who stabbed me in the back, you were the one who didn't tell me you were parting ways with me, you were the one that fucking cheap shotted me! I've got a plethora of reasons to explicate that YOU commenced this war you self-righteous hypocrite. One thing I will do albeit, is end it, end this war. I don't know when, but I will end it. Like I previously said, I was not telling you what to do and where to go, I was just merely saying for you to utilize your conscience to realize what you're doing, and once all is said and done, you will regret ever joining the Ministry. And when you enter that abysmal depression, I will do nothing other than laugh infront of your slimy confused face.

    You want the IC title to begin with huh? You want to face the guy who pinned you at Survivor Series, to put you to shame not once but twice? Whereas in the main event, you can eviscerate that cocksucker that I beat once, Aids Johnson. Which sounds more alluring? The latter for me. But then again, if you don't mind getting beaten by B.Dazzle once's YOUR CHOICE, EVERYTHING IS YOUR CHOICE!

    I know why you keep on jumping from stable to stable, and it's none of that "having comrades in this vicious business is pivotal" BS. It's because you're afraid that if you don't have someone watching your back, you are just a feeble human being with no alternative but to fight on his own, by himself. Think about it, in MPEWA you had Tyrone Lavernius (@Trevor), Tommy Lee Anderson (@Mystical George), James Full (@Fullofit) aka The World's Finest, in FAW you also had Tyrone, over here in IWT you've had The Cure and now The Ministry. There's never been a time where you have been solo. But like the saying says, all good things must come to an end. And one day, there will be no stables left, leaving you with no cowadice tactics left to use. That's why I rejected their proposal, that's why I'm pissed off with YOUR decision. Open your eyes a litte. Like you mentioned, I taught you a lot, BUT YOU CLEARLY HAVEN'T TAKEN ALL MY ADVICE SERIOUSLY!

    Regardless of my poor upbringing, I forced myself to be intellectual and to not follow the sheep. I don't find myself to be unnecessarily complex, and if the way I express myself is the standards of someone being unnecessarily complex, no wonder this society is fucked up, jesus. You think you a role model all of the sudden? Are you really serious? Oh and don't worry, I stored that book you hit me with alright, because once I decimate you infront of the IWT universe, I will carefully place the book onto your lifeless body, maybe you should give it a read too.

    I guess when you say greed turn men into primitive apes, you're talking about yourself, and that's when I say, you're so much better than this. Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.

    And Ben, you should know this.
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  5. cheap heat
  6. Sir Lee: But Alias....We went through this, we took that loss the Chavs at the recommendation of management, not because we were outclassed, on my day, I know I can bring that over-achieving wonder-kid to his knees. He won't have Gavin to tag in either, the situation I will crave. When I get that IC title, I won't stop there, while I remind the World of how beautiful the IC title is. I will then go for that illustrious belt; The IWT title. And also, if you have already defeated out current champion...Why follow up on such a feud like this; Which is just fuelled by our petty natures and our need for one-up-man-ship, when that belt is right there, surely the thought of it.....around your hungry waist....makes you salivate like that Jimmy Saville at a nursery.....The sick sadistic man that he was. Surely....Aids would give you a chance to prove yourself......Seeing as you defeated him after all...and not like I've forgotten considering how many times it's felt it's been mentioned. This ain't my way of diverting your attention away from me...I have the urge to settle our differences as well....But while we wait for the seeds of this beautiful rivalry of ours to turn into blossoming flowers, Aids is there....waiting.

    Ever heard of mercenaries....hitmen...assassins? If I wanted to be a coward and hide behind people.....They would be a great start. Not like I can't afford it. And I've got an MMA background, it isn't like I can't fight for myself. Being a wrestler is a lonely career sometimes...Why else are you so emotionally damaged by me moving on without so much as an e-mail or well-written letter. A wrestler is sometimes in need of direction. Nothing wrong with that, doesn't mean they are less stronger or more talented, it just means it helps to have people around to advise make the vital decisions of your career. The people that could have benefited from it......Frank The Jock has never had a person that has been able to give him that push in the right direction....If there was he could have had a more successful time in the main event, could have helped him weed out those basic errors.

    Speaking of MMA...Seeing as you're much more "eager" for this match than me, let's see what we can do to peak my interest...SUBMISSION MATCH IS THE GAME THAT I WANT TO PLAY....How's that goldenboy?

    And if I was so greedy....Then why aren't I bone headedly running into the IWT Title scene. Surely that would satisfy someone's greed more than anything.
  7. Don't worry, I have not forgotten about Aids Johnson, not one bit. Everytime I wrestle, he's on the back of my mind, just to get me more motivated to win. Once I'm done with you Ben, I'll force you to watch me reign supreme.

    Ohohohohoh, if I was emotionally damaged, you wouldn't want to know what I would do to you and others. I'm just disappointed Ben, not damaged.
    So you're saying you always need someone to steer you into some direction? Almost like how a mother teaches her baby how to walk, how to talk? I understand if FTJ would need direction, because he can't even talk! But you? You could do much more better, Ben, and you know it.

    Obviously I'm much more eager to kick your ass, because you weren't the one who got cheap shotted by your former friend with a book, were you now?
    I am a balanced wrestler, so a submission match sounds very appealing. But there's something much more tempting than that.


    Put up or shut up Ben.
  8. Aids Johnson is seen taping his wrist, as his neck wound is being checked by his personal physician. The argument/love affair between Sir Dover of Ben, and Alias the obsessed are on the TV, as Aids mutes the volume and speaks over them.

    Oh Ben, I WILL TEAR YOU TO SHREDS! Don't you realize I've beaten Aids Johnson in a dark match? DOESNT ANYONE REALIZE I'VE DEFEATED AIDS!

    Sir Lee: I love you, but i've found another. sHe twerks, she wears Victoria Parkers old Undertaker hoodie, and she talks a lot about Jimmi Hendrix. I'm going to the low card, go do your own thing

    Alias: But benjamin, have you forgotten who you are! Do you not want to stay with me in the paradise of the upper card during the Road to WrestleMania? I beat Aids Johnson! BEN! Do you hear me! I beat Aids!

    .....The people around Aids laugh in an obligatory fashion, as Aids tells them to put the saturday morning cartoons on instead. They all sit and turn, as an old Angry Beavers episode begins.
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  9. Sir Lee: Oh my, this is why I admire you Alias, a hardcore submission match sounds like something truly worthy of such a battle. Even if I don't win Alias, I'm going to put on a show, a show no man or woman can ignore. Win or lose, I will cherish this match. I hope you do to.
  10. Alias: Yeah, whatever. Deal.
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