Seth Rollins' overness

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  1. I suppose this thread will be a two part thread.

    Stage one : Is Seth as over a heel as he should be at this stage? Currently this is a big no from me, he's getting near silence when he's coming out it seems, this gets better during his promos but he can't get that initial reaction others can.

    Stage two : How would you improve his overness? Let's try and keep it relatively realistic here, how would you run with his character development? How would you build the universe around him?
  2. His initial heat has def diminished, and a major factor I think is that so much time has passed since he killed off the Shield, people don't really remember him for that anymore. And he's not given that much new dastardly material, not even stealing the belt from Brock got him heat since fans already wanted him to have the belt and there was the part of the fanbase that did not want Roman to have it. Add to that that he has a moveset and a little bit of a character that fans do want to cheer and it might be time to start transitioning him into a face.

    So either I would make him do more dastardly things that would generate more heat, or I would start the slow transition into a confident babyface champion and pit him against the authority.
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  3. They've been laying the groundwork for the turn. I think Seth is going to take a fucking beating from Brock, lose his belt and have a natural turn where people sympathize with him for getting his ass whooped but fighting Brock 1 on 1 and putting up a helluva fight.

    At least that is what I've gathered based on the 25 minutes of WWE I've watched over the past couple of months.
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  4. Either that or he somehow through some stroke of luck makes it through Brock, only to have Hunter come out with the great white briefcase wanker. Cashing in on a beat up Seth.
  5. Meh. I think if Seth loses 1 on 1 and Brock shows him a sign of respect (not a handshake, too much for Brock, probably just a look of like "damn, you're tougher than I imagined dude" would work) and then HHH comes down and beats the fuck out of Rollins to cement the face turn most effectively.

    I forget about Sheamus. I don't mind his current run, but the thought of him winning the main prize sort of puts a wet blanket on this push for me. Too much. He just doesn't need to be at the very top of the card.
  6. The idea with Hunter does sound very tempting. Another idea could be that post Seth sneaking a win (roll up), Brock goes bananas and lays Seth out post match and laying out refs and staff (writing Brock off until he is needed again). Sheamus comes out, but Seth somehow evades the cash in. Sets Sheamus up as a heel chasing Seth and allows it to be spun either way, either into Hunter or into Sheamus w/ Hunter.
  7. The thought of Brock losing by roll up makes me get a reverse boner so quick.

    When is Battleground btw? This is the first match I've really been looking forward to since Brock's Mania match.
  8. 4 weeks if I remember right. Brock is murdering Kofi live on the network on Saturday tho
  9. well that doesn't sound like a massive waste of everyone's time
  10. It has potential for some cool spots IMO. Kofi can bump really well and is athletic enough to pull it off,plus they'll be some New Day shenanigans. I'd imagine Brock requested to work Japan also so you couldn't put him in a big match on a network house show at 5 in the morning.

    Bálor vs Steen is happening on the card too (not sure if you've heard or not)
  11. I honestly don't even know what the fuck we are talking about. WWE is airing some Japanese house show on the network? lol
  12. Yep.
  13. Yup. WWE decided to upgrade a house show in Tokyo to a live special, bring in Brock since he apparently wanted to work a match in Japan or something (I can't see another reason for him agreeing to it outside of massive amounts of money) and decided to bring Balor along since he is a legitimate draw in Japan as well.
  14. Brock vs Kofi is such a waste. You have a once-off event like this, meaning you could pair him with anybody and not have to worry about who on the roster is 'viable' to face Brock.. and you give it to Kofi.

    Ziggler or Cesaro vs Brock would have been mint. Fuck Kofi
  15. Yeah, the use of Kofi is the head scratching thing. My guess is since Kofi and Rollins are sorta similar in moves with Kofi being a bit more bouncy bouncy they are using Kofi as the warm up/crash test dummy for Battleground
  16. I think they're gonna turn Seth babyface, so yeah, him not getting that booed is not really an issue. Brock vs Cesaro does seem great also.
  17. Lesnar/Cesaro would have seemed a much better match than Kingston/Lesnar.

    Balor/Owens will be amazing, though.

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  18. After Bork wrecks Rollins at Battleground, (after Rollins had put on a helluva fight), I'm totally expecting to see Rollins as a babyface come SummerSlam time.

    Might as well face HHH, so yeah, a face turn, please! His heel character has been stale for a while now.
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  19. 1. How many heels DO come out to some type of reaction? Not every heel is greeted with a whole chorus of boos when they make their entrance, and even the ones that are don't always receive that type of reaction each and every night. The heat usually arrives whenever they purposely start trying to instigate negative reactions through their words or actions during a promo or a match. Maybe I just haven't been paying close enough attention lately, but it seems like Rollins DOES still get pretty consistent "You Sold Out" chants.

    2. Well, committing dastardly acts against babyfaces is generally the way heels draw heat on themselves, so that. Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose are the two top babyfaces on the show at the moment (I view Lesnar more of a 'tweener' but he's being booked in a more babyface capacity right now, so it's fair to refer to him as one) and they're both feuding with The Authority, so you can't do much more than that. At this point, Seth managing to slip away with the championship - especially if he pulls out a dirty win over Brock Lesnar via pinfall - and bragging that he was the one to finally bring down The Beast would get him a good amount of heat, but in no way would it be worth having Seth be the one to pin Lesnar just for that, especially with rumors of him probably turning face sooner than later anyway.
  20. He doesn't get too strong a response at all though does he? Will that effect his babyface turn at all?