Promos Shadow's debut

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  1. "Shadows music hits as she walks down the ramp with the arena filled with red smoke and candles and darkness she makes her into the ring as she gets in the ring she grabs a mic and the red smoke still around her all the candles disapper and a spot froms around her" shadow : allow me to inturduce myself my name is shadow and i am from the city that never sleeps i am from the darkness where fear is always there i am here tonight to set my debut here in iwt no matter who i face i will take them into the darkness with me and show everyone that even the ladies can fight man and be on top hahhahahah...."shadow laughs and disappers and all the darkness and red smoke disappers and all the normal lights turn back on"
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  2. *music hits*

    *whatever happens*

    *announcers babble*

    Red Smoke and Candles? I was here for the gang bang, not a fight. Anyways, welcome to the IWT, where exactly is the city that never sleeps? NY correct?

    GIrls can not fight, if you want you can be my manager, other than that there is no use for you. We don't just have pillow fights here Shadow, we actually rip eachothers head off. We've actually had members kill themselves, and come back to life. It's really intense here in the IWT, I don't think you can hang. Let me forward you to the nearest pimp, he'll have good use of you


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  3. Haha your manager your to funny woman are just as skilled as men and i will prove it haha and the city that never sleeps is the black hole of the shadow world haha maybe you should be my manager i can hold my self sir and i will be proving that in ever and each match i am in. And thanks i am ready for iwt
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    Welcome to IWT.
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  5. I don't know where that is shadow. See, I live in this world called Reality. Not some made up fairy tale land to intimidate opponents. Good luck in your first match, hopefully you don't break a nail or w/e.
  6. You make you a deal how about i will be your manager in your next match if it works all awesome if it dont we work alone? What do you say?
  7. You make you a deal how about i will be your manager in your next match if it works all awesome if it dont we work alone? What do you say?
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  8. Sounds like a deal. I have two matches at wrestlemania, and you will be in my corner for one of them. I will Tag you @Shadowgoddess in the proper thread when we start hyping it up.
  9. I'm always down for some new talent. Welcome to IWT, that promo was the most you'll see out of Danielson here in 2014.
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  10. Except the fact I have two matches at Mania. :obama: IWT loves me
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  11. Cool! The X Division is getting bigger and bigger.

    Great job!
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  12. X-Division = My penis :jeritroll: :ksi:
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  13. I miss you with all my heart.