Promos Shadoxicity vs CM Punk

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  1. Shadoxicity is a little bitch so go first. 2 Promos each poll will be up in around 24 hours. CM Punk you're second.
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  2. (Christian comes out to a pop)​
    - Christian steps into the ring and poses a bit

    Christian: Cut the music, cut the music...

    Christian: Why am I hearing about this match right now? I walk into the building and I hear that I'm in a match!
    Why? Why am I, part owner of IWT in a match without being consulted about it?
    This is the same reason on why I left IWT in the first place. When I'm in a match, I'll be the first to know about it, not the last!

    While this company incinerates down into ashes, I'm the one keeping the company from falling. The IWT Champion, Aids Johnson isn't keeping this company stable, Eric Draven isn't keeping this company stable, Adam's 30 different personas isn't keeping this company stable and not even The Cure can handle what I'm doing.

    Will I let this match go on? Hell... NO!

    If you want the Livewire, the Instant Classic, Captain Charisma in a match! I will be the one to know first!

    This match is CANCELLED!
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  3. *Suicide's house show theme hits*​
    *Suicide runs out onto the stage with a mic in his hand,he moshes on the way to the ring,slaps some of the fans' hands,and, slides into the ring*​
    *Suicide twerks a bit before speaking*​
    Commentator one: Well that was unexpected..

    Commentator two: This isn't a live event so he's just having some fun.

    Suicide: "I wasn't planning on having a match tonight,but, anything can happen here in good ol' IWT. Thanks I guess for canceling it Christian.

    "A slight Suicide chant starts out"

    Suicide: "I don't really have any beef with you so I wasn't too sure why we're facing off. I know what to say about you. You're funny,you're smart,you're witty,and, you're just flat out cute. Yeah,you're pretty darn cute. I wouldn't mind giving you the bizz-a-ness if ya know what I mean." *Suicide winks,and, smiles before continuing*

    "There are some slight laughs letting loose in the crowd"

    Suicide: "Enough about your looks,onto the way you wrestle. I admit,you're pretty good,it turns me on a little. I mean look at the way you handle people in the ring,it''s fabulous. Ok ok I'm done,for now..
    *Suicide smiles,and, exits the ring*
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  4. wtf? Commentators at house shows, when did this start happening?