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    Many of you know that IWT Dragon Rising was booked and scheduled by me. This was supposed to be a one time thing for me. I have to thank @Aids Johnson for that opportunity. But, a while ago I made a proposal to @Solidus for my very own e-fed. I was quite sick and tired of the emptiness in this section. He allowed me to do so, but I had already started booking the card. Now some 2-3 weeks later, another proposal for the spot of booker of the IWT was made. The proposal for me to be booker was accepted. So now, I am the official booker of the IWT.

    Now to the shake ups. IWT has been lacking any real future. Partly due to the fact that no one knows the upcoming schedule. A revised and updated schedule will be released. I will revise and update the rules and guidelines thread. Divisions will be slowly reintroduced with a point system, but this won't be reintroduced until we have enough people involved. I'll be elaborating on it soon. An announcement on the X-Division is also due on the 28th.

    As for staff. There's currently only need for one staff member. And that will be someone who can post the match threads, as I'm not gonna be on too frequently during the morning-afternoon times due to other obligations. This staff member will also be someone I can consult. Anyone who wants to do this can send me a PM. Hoping for @Trip in the Head.

    Updates and more unannounced shake ups are still to come.

    Sincerely, Tsar.
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  2. LOL

    Really got to the bottom of the pile, damn.
  3. The pile was quite thin when you ran everyone out with your retarded rules and cancellation of events.

    stfu and leave
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  4. delik stop being so salty fkin *****
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  5. Stop crying, Delik. It was a fucking joke.

  6. @Solidus why can this retard see my reports
  7. Because he moderates this section.
  8. Cause I mod this section. If you don't have anything to add to this section other than to shit on everything. I would recommend you stop coming here.
  9. Jesus.

    So racism is acceptable now?
  10. If Indy was serious, than I would understand. But he was joking.
  11. You aren't black?
  12. Still offensive
  13. Something offends you finally.
  14. You've been calling me a 13 year old retard for 4 weeks straight, and someone calling you a ***** (when you aren't black) is offensive? lol.
  15. Well yeah because me saying that is just the truth, obviously.
  16. Ok. Hopefully your pent up rage and stupidity has been vented. Now, time to close this because Delik is bitter af.

    Thanks for taking it off topic, champ.

    EDIT: Open to everyone but Delik.
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  17. Anyways - currently most of what I planned worked out well. Still unsure about the ranking system because that would be a lot of work. Since I do the Fantasy League, too. Just thought I'd say that and get this back on topic.
  18. can this salty kid fuck off now? all I have seen him do is stalk this section and get all upset lmao
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  19. I'm offensive and I find this black