Promos Shane Douglas on "Heart Burn Punk"

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  1. April, 6, 1996...Live ECW Arena 10:23 PM...

    *Shane takes Mic"

    "Everyday i was in the WWF, i had to see that punk HBK, i would think to myself where did i go wrong. Well i corrected that wrong because i'm back in E...C...W! Now when Shawn Michaels goes and says he doesn't want to fight me because i'm not good enough.....That's when the lips start flapping and the words come to hurt! You won't fight me but you'll go on and try to fight 9 marines?! HAHA, you and DICK flair are the same pieces of S***. Both of you are the same egotistical, over hyped, cock sucking, talent burying, blood dry PUNKS that can't back up there talk if you don't have 4 other ****s with ya! Shawn you couldn't stand me being the IC champ for 11 minutes even though your ass was going to WrestleMania where you fought your heart and soul in the ring, wait? you had a heart and soul? oh yeah you left it back in 93 when you and that bitch of ours Diesel started blowing each other. Shawn you don't want me? well the wrestling world never wanted you go back and join with your other ****s in WCW! Not here though because this is E...........*Fans chant* C...................................W!!!
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  2. *HBK comes dancing out the entrance. The ECW fans boo him to hell*
    HBK: SHANE! LISTEN UP! The heart break kid, will not stand for you talking shit about him in ECW...the place of drunken slobs!
    *Fans boo loudly*
    Now, to show that you are a disgrace!
    *HBK runs into the ring and superkicks Shane Douglas and runs around the arena superkicking all the fans as HHH and X-Pac run out and start spraying DX all over the place*​
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    I guess that makes sense, haha