Sheamus drops the beard

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  1. [​IMG]
    From a B a star rally earlier today. From left to right: Xavier Woods, Sheamus, Summer Rae.
    Looks absolutely horrible. Face of my nightmares. Thanks Wrestlinginc.
  2. Thanks for pointing out who is who. Xavier Woods and Summer Rae could be twins, the similarity is uncanny.
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  3. [​IMG]

    The three-time world champion is expected to return to action sometime between December and February.

    Source: Pwmania
  4. I'm always willing to help the colorblind :otunga:
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  5. Looks like a cancer patient. Summer doesn't look much better either. Xavier kinda looks like Dat Kid, then again they're both black :troll:
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  6. Kill it with fire
  7. Oh my god lmao.
  8. Ahh ewwwww NOOOOOOO!!!!!
    :nogusta: His debut look was the best.
  9. Damn, as ugly as Sheamus is... what's up. With Summer? I understand her face has always been meh but there's something wrong with her smile in this picture
  10. Holy shit, I never thought he could look whiter.....I was wrong.
  11. I love Xavier Woods.
  12. He needs it back.
  13. I wonder why he did that to maybe look creepier
  14. Good grief :lol1:

  15. What's the problem? Is he less kissable now?
  16. Wait.. what's Summer Rae doing there without FaannnnnnnnnnDannnnnnnnnnnnnngoooooooooooooooooooooo?
  17. He looks so different without a beard and not in a good way. At least the beard gave some color to his he just looks like a snowman. :eww:
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  18. She's gettin' some of that Irish potato cock in her butthole.
  19. Do you guys think he would look good if he got a beard? not as long as Daniel Bryan's but like Lesnar's from his UFC days
  20. Are any of you even capable of growing beards? It's funny to me how everyone's freaking out about this as if this will be his new look when he returns. The guy's off work, recovering. He's free to do whatever the fuck he wants with his facial hair. It would only take a week or two to grow it the way it was before he left, if that's what he wants to do.
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