Sheamus helping the old lady video

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. WTF even is this lmao? Guy turns up in nothing but a pair of glorified speedos, then gets creeped out at the woman unbuttoning her blouse.
  2. He will do anything to get over.
  3. I'd fuck her. Sheamus is a pussy.
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  4. yet, OK? That just Sheamus work attire! He not want sex with that lady which she wanted to unbutton her shirt and that muisc and her face look tell say she wanted to have sex! oh hell no! so Sheamus run awey!
  5. WTF!!!! Why are they making Sheamus do these fake commericals??? It creeps me out watching them and I am a fan of Sheamus. Either they turn him heel again soon or Sheamus will become another John Cena, a big giant cash bag in the eyes of the company
  6. This^

    Do you know how much that lady could teach anybody young about sex? With all those years, she could give the golden blowjob.
  7. That shit was funny. Stupid old wrinkly lady go take a shave.
  8. Who the fuck names their cat Munchie?
  9. Because pussies are yummy :gusta:
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