News Sheamus out with an injury

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Explains a lot

    Get healthy, hoss.

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  2. get well Shamus
  3. Yeah, I assumed it had to be for real. Rowan is probably the only "holy shit" person to replace him with, and that moment is now over with. I wonder how long dude is out for, that's quite the list.
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  4. I think it's the same surgery that Bryan had. So he could be out for about half a year to nine months if all goes well. Or longer if there is complications
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  5. So much about my theory of Sheamus possibly being involved in the ME at SS and costing Team Cena the win. Oh well...

    Plus, I thought this was a kayfabe injury. But either way...

    Get well soon, Celtic Warrior!
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  6. Sucks it's a real injury, he should be alright in anywhere between 4-8 months assuming surgery and recovery goes well..
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  7. Huh. What caused this, any news? Won't miss him but it sucks that he's hurt.
  8. Seeing Sheamus tweeting "asslikekim" will give us all nightmares.

    Yeah, get well soon brother.
  9. What's new?
  10. That's a lot of serious shit yo
  11. They don't call Mark Henry "The World's Strongest Man" for no reason... :henry:
  12. As much as I find him to be painfully boring, hope he makes a speedy recovery.
  13. Oh wow, he's really hurt. And here I thought it was all an angle
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  14. So does anyone know the exact specifics of the injury yet? Or is it still just some like nerve damage and bone spurs in the arm that he needed that surgery that D-Bry had most recently.
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