Sheamus returns... When though?

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    Over the past several weeks we have seen a vignette involving the Fella and the message.. "Sheamus Returns".. He's definitely returning soon but for the last 4 or 5 weeks we've seen this same vignette and now my question is.. WHEN will he return? I miss the pale workhorse :emoji_slight_frown:... Not having ADR around we need our foreign workhorse bodies around..

    Personally I've come to the conclusion that he will be kept off air until Wrestlemania 31.. now I was hoping they'd do some sort of build into WM31 involving him and potentially Daniel Bryan but it doesn't look like that's going to be the case soo..

    When will Sheamus ACTUALLY return? Will it be the RAW prior to WM? Will it be the RAW after WM? Or will it be at the Wrestlemania PPV itself? But not only when will he return, I also want to ask the question how do you think they're going to utilize him out of the gate after all this time off?​
  2. There are rumors circling around he'll actually return at Mania and he'll either participate in the IC title ladder match or the Andre The Giant MBR.
    Although I think the latter is more probable.
    Considering Cesaro was last year's 'surprise entrant' sort of, I could see Sheamus being that guy this year and he might even win it. Other than Ryback, Mizdow or Sheamus, I don't really see anyone else getting the win.
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    Word today within the world of dirtsheets is that his return is gonna be held off until Wrestlemania itself, at which point he'll either be inserted into the ladder match or the battle royal (the latter being much, much more likely to happen.)

    I personally think he'll show up on the go-home Raw and announce himself as an entrant into the battle royal. If they do decide to put off his return until Mania itself though, I can see everyone else in the battle royal probably receiving a jobber entrance only for Sheamus' music to hit at the end as he enters the match as a 'surprise' entrant.
  4. I can't see Mizdow winning, I really can't.. maybe final five but I would have to say yeah if Sheamus showed up as a surprise entrant which sounds like the most logical idea at this point it would be him or Ryback to win the ATGMBR.. I'm going to be praying it's not Big Show or Kane.
  5. And if they're planning on bringing him back as a heel, then have him win that battle royal.
  6. And of course, do not Cesaro him.
  7. One can only hope that doesn't happen.. again..

    I can see it now.. Sheamus comes back after months off to a big pop, wins the BR and then two weeks later is back in the abyss that is known as the Main Roster.
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  8. That's the beauty of it.
  9. It wouldn't shock me at all to see Big Show win this. He and Roman Reigns are set to headline the B side of the European tour after Wrestlemania, so it's more than likely that Big Show ends up being Reigns' first opponent over the championship (my guess is that Last Man Standing match that they originally wanted to happen at Fast Lane might just happen at Extreme Rules instead... there goes my last iota of hope of Rollins cashing in after Roman beats Brock, I guess), and Show winning the battle royal could be a set-up for him coming out and feeling he deserves a title shot.

    However, I have a hard time believing that Sheamus is losing if he's in the match at all. Not unless they want to turn him heel by having him behave like a sore loser and Brodgue Kick the winner and destroy their trophy afterwards (although the winner having their trophy destroyed two years in a row is a bit redundant), and they obviously wouldn't use a heel like Big Show as the catalyst to turn Sheamus heel since that would make not sense, obviously won't be on Big Show, so that gives me hope, I guess.
  10. I could see Sheamus coming back winning the BR and maybe joining the authority to replace Kane or Big Slow. That way he's Roman's first big test rather then a guy that nobody wants to ever fricken see wrestle again.
  11. I don't really care when comes back but I just hope that he isn't going to win BR.
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