Sheamus Says He's Never Satisfied, Wants To Build A Hall of Fame Worthy Legacy

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  2. He has the potential to be great with his, let's say, unique look and his charisma. But he can't be given this shitty smile gimmick. Especially when 2 years ago he was punting Jerry Lawler in the head for god sake. With a unique gimmick he could be great, and if he sold moves he'd be even greater, at the moment he's unbearable.
  3. He should be similar to the ultimate warrior, just a 100 mile an hour adrenaline rush.
  4. He want to be great. and want be at the level that Undertaker, Rock, Stone Cold and Hogan are at. I can RESPECT were he was going with this. But he need to do that himself!
  5. He could be great if not built as Superman 2.0 haven't they learnt from Cena?

    Oh he needs some lessons of Ziggler though how to sell a move and to not just work out with Satan himself.
  6. Sheamus rox, what's not to like about him?
  7. Nothing really about him as per say, it's the way he's booked. He's a new "superman", and he doesn't sell any move right in my opinion.

    I like the guy, I don't know why, I want to hate him but I can't. I know he'd be epic as a badass irishman, I just can't attach myself to this gimmick.
  8. He can't sell!
  9. What gimmick? That's the problem. He barely has one now. He's just a happy go lucky fella at this point.

    About him not selling, Dolph noticed too so he made him sell when he threw his ass into the announce table and make him humble

    For the record, I think he will wind up in the HOF because he has clearly been chosen. I just hope they find a way to show off his uniqueness instead of trying to squeeze him into the mold of being a generic WWE face. The guy is awesome IMO and it needs to be put on display a helluva lot better
  10. Lmao :laugh:

    And yeah, that happy go lucky "gimmick" is used so often now it generally is a gimmick. It's terrible, I despise it.

    Is it just me that thinks Sheamus in a badass irishman role is a perfect gimmick? Simply arrives, does something, leaves. None of this smiley crap. He'd be a good tweener.
  11. I know what I hate. They play him as a stereotypical Irishman. Happy go lucky.

    Fuck that bad ass Shemus would rule once Ziggler taught him how to sell a move.
  12. I'd like him as a true celtic warrior tbh give him a good back story and we've got an old school cartoonish face. http:emoji_confused:/
  13. Sorry Cloud. What happened to Finlay? I loved that guy. Did they fire him? Couldn't Finlay and Sheamus strike a friendship or do guys hate doing that in WWE
  14. Finlay works behind the scenes for WWE as a road agent I believe.
  15. http:emoji_confused:/
    He was fired last year I believe and is now working the indies, I remember him having a decent match with Steen at a PWG show. I think it was BOLA 2011.
  16. Love how he kept Kayfabe there.
  17. I quite liked Finlay he was a badass don't really know what happened rumours he injured ppl etc but I dunno was a good character and something Sheamus could pull off and stop him becoming Cena or Superman 2.0 @[KiaSport]
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