Sheamus trains with 'London Irish' | 5th November 2012

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  2. Insert random hate.
  3. Not a Sheamus fan are we? :dawg:
  4. Not a fan admittedly but he gets so much hate on here, quiet a bit undeserved IMO.
  5. Yeah, I s'pose, but he has been a bit bland with his super gimmick and all. I'm pretty glad he lost the title.
  6. quite*

    Going to continue correcting that until you learn.
  7. Go jump off a cliff.
  8. Surprised you didn't tell me to jump off it quietly.
  9. Who the fuck wears a cap backwards in 2012 :bury:
  10. I wanna hear you scream again.
  11. People who think Drake is a good music act.
  12. So little care for this thread but had to post!
  13. :true:
  14. How are hat styles and Drake related?
  15. The only people who tend to wear caps backwards are "swaggy" people.

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    It's more of a sarcastic remark based upon the stereotype btw
  16. Ohh. The joke was lost on me. Where I'm at, all different types of people wear their hat backwards, not just "swaggy" people, whatever that means, lol.
  17. Backwards hats? Where did that come from? Maybe i should have clicked that link.

    I love backwards hats, and drake is the best overall act since Shakespeare, and i should know, i was there to see Shakespeare </sarcasm>. so stop the Drake hate with all of the talk about his droopy facial expressions, stupid music and special needs hand movements.

    ~Three Said That~
  18. And back on-topic.

    Sheamus is a good wrestler. His superman gimmick was overdone and poorly-booked. I'm hoping him losing the title changes that.

    The London Irish and Leinster are my favorite rugby sides, so that makes it okay in my book.

  19. Someone who doesn't completely hate Sheamus? Art thou a witch! :bury:
  20. Nope. Don't hate Sheamus. Hate WWE's booking of its main faces.

    I've seen some of his work from Irish Whip Wrestling (also Drew Galloway's/McIntyre's). Sheamus is an extremely solid worker for a big man and is truly athletic. Unfortunately, as a top face in WWE, he's expected to limit his risk-taking and athletic maneuvers and focus more on "safe" moves. That coupled with the "get beat on for the whole match, then hulk up" formula for matches just gets dull.

    We all know it's scripted, but the scripts shouldn't be so obvious.

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