Sheamus vs Ryback

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  1. I keep hearing about Ryback moving up soooo fast. Did everyone forget about Sheamus?

    He made his debut on ECW on June 30th, 2009 under his current name. Four months later he was Raw (October 26th, 2009) and won the WWE title from Cena on December 13th, 2009 on the TLC ppv.

    Ryback on the other hand returned under that name on April 6th of this year and has yet to win the WWE title.

    Sheamus : 167 Days, he won the title.
    Ryback : 205 Days as of tomorrow, and has yet to win the title.

  2. They both suck.
  3. :finger:
  4. Yeah, Sheamus winning the title that early was also a bad move.
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  6. Not saying it was good. Sheamus has since fallen off a bit. Just saying he won it and rose faster than Ryback did.
  7. Ryback has talent. Sheamus...?
  8. Look at Sheamus, he is lazy, he has horrible cardio, shit set, shit gimmick, and is just horrible overall right now. He is an embarrassing champion right now, Rybzck would even be a better choice.
  9. Sheamus is the bestest. Stop dissing ma' boy!
  10. My reactions

    Cena's Title Run:
    Me: Dear God someone take the title off him
    Cole: Cena vs Sheamus in a tables match
    Me: Oh god he's facing a jobber, guess what PPV I'm not watching
    Lawler: Last Night Sheamus defeated John Cena for the WWE title.
    ME: :yay:

    Sheamus' Title Run
    Sheamus: I've become WWE champion in 167 days!
    Me: Yeah! Fuck John Cena
    Sheamus: I've become WWE champion in 167 days
    Me: Kudos
    Sheamus: I've become WWE champion in 167 days
    Me: I know god damn it! :tough:
    Sheamus: I've become WWE champion in 167 days
    Me: :facepalm: Let's go Cena *clap clap* *clap clap clap*

    Let's hope Ryback isn't like Sheamus
  11. Has talent also................ I can understand people complaining too much too soon but the man is obviously a very talented individual, rough around the edges sure but still it's there just requires further refinement.
  12. Take out the "very" and we have an agreement. Sheamus IMO should be at the top of the midcarders as US champ or IC champ. He missed out on that experience by jumping straight up to ME.
  13. I can't see his talent at all personally. He's below average in the ring, terrible on the mic, has a unique but not an attractive look. ADR > Him in many many ways. Ofc Sheamus has talent else he wouldn't be in WWE but yeah, doesn't deserve the push he's getting at all IMO.
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  14. I can't judge Sheamus as anything but a very talented lump of clay, he had decent agility for a big man around his face turn and could pull off an impressive brawler style whilst maintaining a nice level of stiffness to his work (at times too much but still I enjoy that) Plus he had a very nice element of charisma to him which created a natural likability. As I said he needs work but the clay, it's a great base.
  15. I really seem to be going against the grain with him tbh but I do see so much potential in him, it's very raw I admit but it's there for me.
  16. As a heel, yes. I think he could do much better as a heel. I was even mildly entertained by his horribly over pushed start on RAW. He was booked relatively strong and he was attacking ring crew etc, that was cool, he was aggressively ruthless. As a face I despise him, and not because of the typical "IWC loves heels" idea, but because he has zero charisma now.
  17. :finger: :GTFO: :please:
  18. I agree he isn't as good as some at playing the face but who in the E can actually do that with their style? Even Punk (one of the most charismatic men in professional wrestling) seemed to struggle, also I believed you mentioned questioning Bryan's charisma whilst a face (apologies if it wasn't you). Kofi, Cena and Ryback seem to be the only ones and the last isn't even in their style, it takes a truly natural face to work that element and I concede immediately that Sheamus isn't on that pedestal.
  19. Nah I said Bryan wasn't enjoyable to watch but his gimmick was a classical theme, arrive, smile, job. I'm one of the few defenders of Punk's face reign, and I understand the limitations of being a face but even his heel run where he was dominant and had a lot of segments I was only mildly entertained, where as I normally love a good dominant heel (marked hard for Henry and even started to like Big Show).

    I just don't know why but someone who is as bad on the mic as Sheamus is needs to be good in the ring and he's not, I know you sometimes defend him but imo he really is not good in the ring. He gets so gassed so fast and a few regular SD users might tell you the same thing here. If he lacks arguably the two most important factors I think it would be hard for me to enjoy him.
  20. I agree he does seem to get tired earlier now (never seemed to be a problem before which confused me) but as I said he's a work in progress but he does have the talent and I'll stand by that statement, I agree he did get too much to early and I'm not even a mark for him but sometimes he seems to get a real raw end of the deal from this site IMO. Still opinions are what makes this place enjoyable so we'll agree to chalk it off to a difference?