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  1. i think with seamus coming out on Raw and saying he may cash in at NOC that means he wont

    It would be too obvious
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  2. Yep, pretty much.
  3. That cash-in tease on Raw was a typical MITB cash-in tease. I didn't care for it.
    I'm fine with him cashing in at NOC, though, as long as it's not successful. I actually like Sheamus, but I don't want him in the ME scene and as the WWE-WHC.
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  4. So sting WHC then?
  5. Thanks, but no thanks.

    I wouldn't put it past them, though. What I mean by that is Sting winning clean and then Sheamus cashing-in a few minutes later. No, thank you. I want Rollins retaining the title.
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  6. Would WWE let Sting go 0-2
  7. Absolutely. Vince never gets tired of saying/proving WWE>WCW
  8. I see

    Rollins retains then
  9. Most likely, dude.
    Aaand, seeing as how Kane's been absent for a while now, I wouldn't be shocked if he interferred in the ME.
    Now, of course, if they do decide to go that route, they can't be dumb enough and have Kane hit a Chokeslam on Sting, because 2 months ago Rollins kicked him while he was down, so he'd presumably go after Rollins and cause the DQ. Rollins keeps the title.

    However, Rollins retaining clean would tickle my fancy.
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  10. Cheers for the reply nice one
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  11. What I wanna know is why the back and forth with Orton so much!? Just take the briefcase from him already Randy.
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  12. Because LOL. I've said this before in one of the 'Rate Raw' threads and I'll say it again...
    They've been spamming 'SummerSlam: The Sequel' so far and it seems like a well-thought-out booking plan.
    There's really no need for anything new or interesting to build towards the next PPV.
    Just play off of what happened at SS, and people will be invested for NOC.
  13. :facepalm2:
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  14. What about my idea? Cashes in during non title bout "TRIPLE THREAT" for WH title? Third person wins and not sheamus? That's a good shocker
  15. Tickle your fancy? That's not what you said you'd be tickling...
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  16. Maybe they'll do the same finish as NOC last year and do that fake cashin nonsense
  17. I think it's likely Sheamus will come down at some point and be interrupted by someone. Or maybe Sting will get irritated and beat the crap out of him. Or maybe they'll do what you mentioned.

    A lot of times when I cannot come up with a theory it's because there are a lot of good possibilities... I think there's a different reason today.
  18. Oh, I'll be doing all kinds of things... :smirk2:
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. As long as Rollins retains the title, it's fine by me. :bodallas:
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