Storyline Shooting for the Stars

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  1. *A medium sized amped man with short black hair, a pair of aviator glasses and a brown rugged bomber jacket with grey and orange trunks underneath them enters the arena, with him an aura of pride is following. He looks a little nervous at first but after a few second he embraces the crowd mix reaction and starts running toward the ring giving out a few high fives till finally sliding into the ring. The man asks for a mic*

    ???: I know y'all don't know who I am, what I have done, or what my plan is here, but after a brief history lesson you the fans will understand the intentions of Brad Blitz.

    *Blitz shifts around the ring and clears his throat*

    Blitz: You know I grew up like most of the fans here today. I lived a simple life with my mom and dad, went to school, was a all star running back for my school's football team, and dated a softball player which I eventually married. But it was in my Junior year that I found my true passion. Flying. My senior year I decided to apply to the United State Air Force Academy which I got accepted too. Which was a miracle because I didn't have the best grades in the world. I was shocked. I spent four years of my life there double majoring in aeronautics and military/strategic studies. After graduating I went into the Air Force and helped pilot a B-2 Spirit on multiple test runs and one bombing mission.

    *The fans cheer and clap as Blitz thanks the crowd, the crowd starts chanting U-S-A*

    Blitz: At the time I thought I was the toughest person on the base. I owned the yard till one day I slipped up and disobeyed a officer and was soon discharged from the military. I was in a dark place, for awhile I drank way too much and finally I was tired of it. I needed a thing to get my mind off of my stupid decision I made that fateful day. So I started boxing at a local gym. I was good but it wasn't doing it for me. I wanted to fly again. Then I saw it, in that very gym they was a wrestling ring set up. I watch day after day as these men and women flew from the top rope and spring boarding from the middle rope. I was amazed by these aerobatics. So I started training with a man under the name of Lucas Justice. He was also a retired military vet that was injured in combat turned pro wrestler. He trained me on the basics and I caught on pretty quickly. We trained many months before he told me I was ready for my first match. It was a house show for a company called NGW. After some indy companies booked me I got a call from IWT, one of the biggest companies in the business. How could I refuse? I accepted asap. I learned some more dangerous moves while in the developmental system of IWT. These dangerous moves are the moves that I have perfected and sprinkled into my quick jabs and quick moves. I stand here before you as a man with a plan, my plan in this company is to work my way up, winning hopefully multiple titles and leaving a lasting impact on this damn company. I plan on one day being on top of this company looking down at the very talented stars, but at the moment Im looking up at the stars, ready to shoot them down at the ready.

    *Blitz nods at the crowd before leaving the ring, shaking multiple fans hands with the echoing U-S-A chants in the background. A quick smile comes across the face of Blitz before he finally exits the arena.*
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