News Shots fired at performance center

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  1. Jesus Christ.

    Shout out to my buddy @Larsosc for finding this. But my god.
  2. WESH Orlando News is reporting an unnamed person was hospitalized after a shooting outside the WWE Performance Center in the Azalea Park section of Orlando.

    Fire officials are saying the person was hospitalized after suffering a gunshot wound earlier this afternoon. The report says medics were called to the scene at 5055 Forsyth Commerce Road – the address for the WWE Performance Center – around 1:45 p.m.

    The patient was taken to the nearby Orlando Regional Medical Center; further details were not immediately available.

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  3. Bloody hell, is Orlando bad for this kind of thing?
  4. What I got from Triple H's twitter: The assailant was some mentally disturbed person who had a court ordered ban from all WWE property. He got into a fight with police when trying to enter the PC's lot and someone (possibly a police officer) got shot.
  5. That's an unfortunate situation to say the least, just got to hope everyone involved comes out of it not too worse for wear. It's gotta screw with the wrestlers amongst other staff pretty bad.
  6. Yeah, downside of working in the public eye I guess.
  7. Jesus Christ. Monday has surely turned out to be a bad news day.

    Hopefully all ends well for the person who got shot.
  8. UPDATE: The person shot is according to a reporter on site the intruder (the person who was banned from WWE property). The guy was apparently obsessed with one of the divas and tried to force his way into the PC with a knife, resulting in him getting shot by a police officer on site.

    Before showing up with the knife he had apparently been force off premises 3 times already.
  9. Damn it Bram - coming for Charlotte, again.
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  10. Not funny
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  11. Was to me, just seems ironic.
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    Then you have shitty humor. A dude getting arrested for strangling his girlfriend (which is what Bram is in jail for, assault by strangulation) and a dude getting shot because he was going to try and invade a building full of people armed with a knife to do god knows what is not comedic fodder.

    I dare you to try and joke about this in front of people who have been through things like this. I'd wager that they would not laugh with you.

    I can pull a barb at Bram being in jail (as I displayed myself in that thread). But I'm not going to do it on the expense of his girlfriend. Just as I am not going to joke about what could have happened to the people in the PC. It would be bad form. If you think it's funny, keep it to yourself please.
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  13. As noted, it has been confirmed that the man police shot at the WWE Performance Center today was Orlando resident Armando Alejandro Montalvo. After bizarre details on his string of incidents at the Performance Center we're revealed, now videos from what is apparently Instagram account are surfacing. An Instagram account with that same name posted a video 5 days ago at WWE headquarters, noting that he was showing up for a job interview. He thanked Layla and AJ Lee in the description.


    The guys is pretty psycho. There's a picture of him at the original article link, above.
  14. Seems like this guy has a history of breaking the law. They should find out which Diva he was stalking for her sake as well. This guy was banned and still chose to go to the performance center. Scary stuff.
  15. I hate seeing that there was another shooting in America. It is just so sad that when people get heated they turn to guns. What the fuck happened to just kicking the shit out of eachother and then moving on with life?
  16. Shit... that's terrible