Should AJ be booed or cheered?

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  1. The official WWE website has published an article highlighting AJ Lee’s unorthodox character and are poll fans in regards to whether she should be cheered or booed.

    Explaining why Lee deserves fan applause, WWE cites the New Jersey rising from obscurity to fulfill her lifelong dream of being champion for the sports-entertainment organization. The counterpoint on why Lee should be booed is because “she is a devil woman.” Events of Lee wreaking havoc on Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Kaitlyn and other WWE cited are cited.

    With over 5,000 votes cast, 66% say Lee should be cheered since “she’s an example of perseverance, hard work, individuality and empowerment for the underdog.”

    Source: Pwmania
  2. Well she is portraying a heel. So obviously she should be working towards getting boos. A heel trying to get cheered is stupid.
  3. I see why they'd do this. Atm I think she's doing that stuff with Tamina so yeah, she should be booed, but if this came up when she was attacking like 8 girls by herself or calling them out on their reality tv stuff to their faces it'd make sense.
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  4. Why not both?
  5. At times with AJ's booking, she doesn't come off as being a heel. For example, I'll reference her "pipebombshell" that she dropped on the Total Divas. She got a big pop during that segment since she was saying a lot of what the fans (primarily the smarks) already think. Plus, the way she was consistently beat down on by four Total Divas at a time made her look like the underdog face than either of them. At times AJ has looked like a heel (like she does now with Tamina) but that hasn't been entirely consistent for her. Because of that I think it makes it easy for some folks to sympathize and be on her side despite when she's having her heel moments.
  6. Out of a kayfabe standpoint. Because she's a heel. And heels should strive to get boos. To quote JBL: "If you're a heel you should do everything in your power to get heat"(paraphrase), that's coming from the man who Nazi marched and did the Hitler salute in Germany to get heat. Fans will obviously be inclined the cheer for those they like still but as a performer if you are a heel you should strive to get booed, and if you're a good guy you should try to be cheered. Not both at the same time, that ruins wrestling.
  7. I think the polls on are how creative decide to do things to be honest.
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  8. Lol I just pictured the taco girl...I understand the reasoning behind both (cheer/jeer) not being a fit for her and IMHO heel AJ is preferred especially if she can channel a vicious side
  9. Agreed. Heel AJ is better because she can portray a vindictive little bitch rather well. They should add a cheating element to her, that she cheats to win her matches, easy way to build heat.
  10. Only that wasn't a face promo.
  11. Imagine AJ running ppl over in the parking lot or giving the other divas a blanket party with a lead pipe
  12. I see her utilizing Tamina for the brute force (like HBK did with Diesel, them being the inspiration for the team up either way) with AJ leading the way, yelling orders and acting like a overall bitch. This can even end up in a nice blowout with Tamina turning on her, being tired of doing AJ's dirtywork.
  13. Ever since she broke away from the Kaitlyn feud, she's been a babyface. She keeps talking about how "she's the real wrestler of the division" and "she earned the title while everyone else had to rely on reality tv to get over", while feuding with the most annoying chick on the roster in Brie Bella. Unintentional or not, that's a babyface.
  14. Nah, she's positioned as a heel and acts like a heel. She's a heel.
  15. Even the Kaitlyn feud was shit. It was just an "aj fucks with kaitlyn who is clearly bigger and better, while after AJ magically became the **** who puts the spider move on, while the opponent forgets she could just let her feet move out. Whammy.
  16. A tween rocky version of heel.
  17. I am honestly not sure. Sometimes she's a heel, other times it seems like she is just a crazy face. Either way, she gets attention.
  18. She's a heel.
  19. People applause her because they love how good of a diva she is, they boo her well because shes a heel speaks for itself :emoji_slight_smile: I like AJ Lee she is one of them heels I love even when they are heel.