Voting Should jonathan be removed as GM of IWT

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Should jonathan be removed as GM of IWT?

Poll closed Mar 14, 2014.
  1. Yes

  2. No.

  1. This is what the creative change thread is really all about. Vote here and read the 12+ pages in other threads. Do we need a change in IWT? I say yes, but this isnt about all of creative needing a change, only one person.
  2. lol, the thread says should he stay, then the poll says should he be removed

    I sense some misclicks a brewin
  3. 2 votes for yes. If Jono were running this poll he would lock it and boot aids from creative at this point
  4. *Jonathan walks to the top of the ramp*

    Ah, the people have spoken! They have chosen me to lead this great company forward, and lead it forward I shall. However, presenting to you at this time, my NEW Co-GM, retaking his rightful place... Mr Smith!

    *Mr Smith's music hits, but he appears on the titantron. He's stood smiling, clapping to the camera for 10 seconds as it fades to black*
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  5. OOC: Who I see in my head when you guys say Mr. Smith lol
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  6. I always think of Smithers. lol
  7. Lol, thats not bad ass at all.
    <-------Have you seen the avatar?
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  8. Yeah, I've seen it. I always see it. :annoyed:

    I actually need to watch the latest episode of The Simpson cause I think they kill off...
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  9. I only see what they put on Hulu Plus :okay:
  10. need a link buddy?
  11. maybe...
  12. Sure why not. Don't know when I'll get to watch it lol, but thanks!