Should King of the Ring return?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by True Warrior, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Should King of the Ring return?
  2. I wouldn't mind it returning as a PPV concept again. But not just for bragging rights, but for maybe a title shot at either the WWE or World Heavyweight Title (winner's choosing) at Summerslam. And don't have the entire tournament at the PPV, just the semi finals and finals.
  3. Money in the bank is enough atm for getting a chance at a title, was never a fan of king of the ring, was ok 10 years ago, not sure how it would fit in now.
  4. No issues with KOR hold part of it on RAW an build towards a PPV. Not sure how with MITB it'd work suppose it could be used for the IC to bring the prestige factor of that belt up. Use it to bring future main eventers into a title picture and how fans react with the them as the KOR an a shot at the IC.
  5. The last king of the ring was Sheamus, so we can't leave it like that, it has to return. Aside from my own personal reasons I think this'd give many of the midcarders a chance to shine. I find it that a lot of them are either being pushed into the tag division (See Cody Rhodes) or just wandering around without a storyline (see Wade Barrett). It'd also be a great way to elevate these guys to a better spot, history has proved that. Surprised WWE hasn't done it yet, since they're trying to get people ready to fill the spot of Cena & Punk.
  6. they could have it so the winner gets a shot at the title at survivour series it could help revamp it
  7. It hasn't gone, it's every four years.
  8. I would like it.

    It would add something to the current state of the WWE. Maybe some young talent who could win it and get over.
  9. Thats my point Jose it doesn't have to be for the WWE or WHC but they can use it to push ppl to the IC an give that title more meaning.
  10. I liked the KotR run-up and PPV. It made for some damn fascinating entertainment. And it doesn't have to be that the King gets a WWE or WHC shot (as mentioned before), especially with one being awarded already with the Rumble and another going to the winners of the MITB matches.

    Although, it would be a way to get a new mid-carder into the main event scene.

  11. If King of the ring was to return it would great
  12. Yes, as long as Sheamus doesn't win :dawg: