WrestleMania Should Rollins cash in and LOSE?

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  1. Now hear me out.
    Hang on.
    Hear me out, guys.

    Truth is, Lesnar should retain, right? Breaking the streak is the sort of thing that should make Lesnar go on a tear throughout the entire roster, but since wasting the Deadman he's fought:

    Cena. (and his blonde-streaked sidekick bad pup, Mutley)

    Surely there's more to his reign than that, especially with the Reigns experiment going as lukewarm as it is. If they keep the title on Lesnar, prolonged this strange, but unique and kinda mesmerising absentee champion thing, then surely they have to keep the title on him for a while. He's still got Orton, Bryan, Sheamus, Wyatt to have great matches with. He should keep it til at least Summerslam, probably next Wrestlemania. THAT's worth sacrificing the streak to.

    So Rollins' briefcase time limit will expire anyway. Why not have him beat Orton then, full of confidence, cash-in after Reigns gives it his all and loses. But WHOOPS, up pops Brock, F5, pin. Solidify Brock as a cast-iron bulletproof badarse by having him beat both Shieldmembers on the same night? Big Wrestlemania moment, Rollins can snap, go into panic mode. He's no longer the guarantee future and he wigs out. Interesting route to go?

    Or am I full of shit on this one?
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  2. No, they will keep the briefcase on Rollins until after WM. He will definitely successfully cash in, no doubt.
  3. This represents my whole dilemma with the entire title situation right now. On one hand, I'm crossing my fingers for Brock to retain at Wrestlemania on Sunday and keep it at least until Summerslam (or Wrestlemania 32, but there's no way Brock is working enough dates a year to justify keeping the strap on him that long), but on the other hand, the only practical way that's happening is if Rollins fails his cash-in, which is something I absolutely do not want to happen. I've been waiting for the day that Seth cashes that baby in ever since he won it, and I've pretty much been pinning my hopes on him being the first man in history to do it on the grand stage of Wrestlemania.

    So, it's kind of a no-win situation in terms of what I'd like to see, but if I were forced to choose between the two, I'd go with Seth cashing in. I want these past ten months of Seth being The Authority's golden boy to pay off with him winning the championship and going on a long reign with it.

    It's all futile anyway really, as I would still put all reasonable odds on Reigns winning the strap from Brock on Sunday. And if Seth ends up having an unsuccessful cash-in, you can bet it'll be because Reigns becomes the first man to survive a cash-in, not because Brock F-5's Seth's dreams of cashing in into the depths of hell or something.
  4. Nah, IMO, they can give Rollins the title and build up the IC and US titles so that when Brock returns at maybe Summerslam or later on, they can have Brock appear limited dates as the champion and Bryan/Cena can be main eventing PPVs with built up challengers.
  5. Yes, I like Rollins and all as a future talent but.. have him fail the cash in.. Brock needs to just WRECK FACE! or Reigns.. either way I'd be pleased.
  6. I'm all for more failed cash ins. Brock would be the perfect guy to appear vulnerable but then wind up still kicking your ass.
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  7. I'd absolutely hate it if Rollins were to cash in and lose.

    Let Rollins cash in at Mania, then Rollins could have his own little 'reign of terror' till SummerSlam where he'd drop it back to either Reigns or Lesnar.
  8. I'm all about the failed cash in. He's going to be up top for a long, long time. Get the Shield angle to finish and keep it on your golden boy (not you shadow) for the next year. Rollins will be facing big names in the next few years IMO, before being big enough to just have big name matches continually. Have him fail with it, and don't compare it to the previous years version, or the year before. Rollins cannot win the belt at WM, it's made for the face crowd. THe night after the Authority is broken Heyman jumps ship with rollins? Hell yeah.

    I'd be juiced to see Bork win but refuse to become the new leader of the authority, before being cheated out of his belt the night after. Huge shot in the dark and don't believe it myself tbh. Just fanfic from my jumbled mind.
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  9. I think it would be a dreadful idea. If they don't plan on having Rollins win the title tonight, then he shouldn't cash in.

    My reasoning is that Wrestlemania is already looking like a "crush the heel fest." We can assume Cena will beat Rusev, effectively ending the no pinfall or submission angle. Sting is going to beat Triple H, the overlord of the heels. Undertaker is likely going to beat Bray Wyatt. Daniel Bryan seems to be the IC title favorite. Not enough people are concerned about the tag titles or the battle royal to really consider them.

    So it all comes down to two matches, Orton vs Rollins and Lesnar vs Reigns. Of course the prevailing opinion seems to be Reigns defeats Lesnar. If that happens, and Rollins cashes in and loses, than you have a complete wash of heels in a roster short on heels to begin with.

    I think a lot of it depends on Orton vs Rollins. If Orton wins, then I think Rollins cashes in and will win. If Rollins wins, then the cash in and loss MIGHT be feasible... but still, it's an awful idea to decimate all your heels in one night.
  10. isn't Mania always faces owning heels?
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  11. Generally not to the complete exclusion of them.
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  12. OH HELL NO!!!
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  13. No thanks. I'd really like to see Rollins have a successful cash in.
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  14. I'm torn, I want all 3 guys to be champion. Probably Brock more than others, so I say yes.
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  15. Seth Rollins has been the focus of the show, one way or another, for the better part of year. Why would he lose it? To kill his career? Just my opinion; I say no.
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  16. Agreed with Tsar, Rollins has been arguably the #1 heel consistantly in WWE for the past year and it would feel perfect for him to cash in and win. Besides, that adds the possibilities of more regular title shots so like I said earlier, Brock gets a break and Rollins can either be full on heel like he has been or if the crowds starting with tonight's show start to give him more love, then you can just have him be a tweener and give him guys like Ambrose, Reigns, Bryan and Cena to fight and then give Lesnar the title back when IC and US titles have been built up a bit more and we will have actually had 3 World Tiitle defences in a row.
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  17. If Rollins cashes in TONIGHT and LOSES to REIGNS, I will find the most expensive wine glass in my house and break it, the right now have not mentioned Seth's briefcase for some period of time and he's been on a losing streak. I want Rollins walking out of Wresltemania tonight as the WWEWHC, but this is unlikely to happen since now WWE wants baby face ending victories to all Manias. So the first thing to expect from tonight is Reigns leaving with the title sadly. But if WWE has the balls to make the hardcore fans happy as fuck, let Lesnar or Rollins walk out with the championship.
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  18. I thought for a second he was going to job to Reigns once he cashed in. I would have died laughing at the reaction. Even though I'm no Rollins mark, it was the smart way to end the match. Lesnar dropping the belt without losing was what needed to happen
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  19. I was also certain that Seth was going in there just to take a pin lol.
  20. Just watched the show, really good Main Event