Should the WWE Universe trust The Viper?

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  1. Should the WWE Universe trust The Viper?


    The WWE Universe waited a long time to hear what Randy Orton would say in his first remarks following his long absence. Not one to mince words, The Viper rewarded their patience during his return to SmackDown last week by speaking candidly and saying all the right things.

    “WWE is my life,” Orton said. “Every moment I’m away from Raw and SmackDown, it’s like a breath sucked out of my lungs.”

    The words of WWE’s Apex Predator certainly came from the heart, but they also create a certain amount of dissonance between what the nine-time World Champion says and what he does in the ring. That’s not because he’s attempting to confuse the WWE Universe with easily misinterpreted statements. In fact, the third-generation Superstar has always chosen his sentiments very wisely and shares them succinctly.

    However, actions speak louder than words — and the experiences Orton has endured during his WWE tenure may have taught The Viper to keep only his own best interests at heart.

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  2. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
  3. :yes::yes::yes: And nice pic there, WWE.
  4. The Viper should fuck off #NotAFan #NoHardFeelingsOrtonMarks
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  5. I still love you even if you hate Orton. :****
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  8. Please turn him heel.
  9. Now you know they won't turn him heel. Everytime they make an article about this the exact opposite happens :upset:

    Like the "will the hardcore/cruiserweight titles be brought back", or the "will the NWO reunite". It's just made to swerve everyone.
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