Should TNA bring back King of the Mountain?

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  1. King of the Mountain was a match type many TNA fans loved that happened at Slammiversary every year, with convoluted rules and awesome acttion. But with Hogan and Bischoff changing everything the way they did, it's no coincidence that King of the Mountain fell by the wayside. Is there any way they can bring it back? Should they?

    Idk, just wanting to start a fire in this section.
  2. No. Killing this gimmick match was one of the rare good decisions of the Hogan/Bischoff regime.
  3. Personally? I would welcome the idea of it's return.

    I certainly do not think that reviving the King of the Mountain concept for Slammiversary would be a bad thing for TNA. They only usually used the match for one contest per year (excluding 2008 and 2009) which made me excited for Slammiversary each year. Although to be honest I was never a fan of the competitors having to take the title belt and hanging it at the top of the ladder themselves, I would prefer if the ending of KOTM ended the same as a traditional ladder match. I did however like the concept of needing to pin or make a wrestler submit in order to become eligible for winning the title.

    Another note would be that KOTM historically has included some of TNA's better moments. Slammiversary 2007 was when Kurt Angle became the 'first' TNA Heavyweight champion and this is seen by TNA as one of the greatest moments in their history (see Slammiversary 2012). At Slammiversary 2009 during KOTM we saw Samoa Joe become a Main-event Mafia member by supplying Kurt with the title belt instead of hanging it himself (I was surprised anyway). This type of match also gave Jeff Jarrett one of his nicknames and is the title of his DVD which was titled: 'Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain'.

    Will it be re-introduced? My guess would be not at Slammiversary 2014, but for the future? Why the hell not.
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  4. That match made zero sense. IT'S A REVERSE ELIMINATION CHAMBER LADDER MATCH!!

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  5. You're hitting on a good point here. Why not simplify the rules? It would be great if it was a multi-man ladder match where you have to get a pin to be eligible to take the belt.
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  6. Totally agree mate.

    When a title is hanging above a ladder it feels more like they are fighting for the prize. When the competitors are running around trying to hang the title above the ladder it just seems kinda pointless considering it gets taken down straight
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  7. Should they bring it back?

    Short answer: yes.

    Longer answer: hell yes.

    (I wouldn't change the rules, though. I like the convoluted nature of the match, but, hell yeah, bring that sumbitch back! 'Cuz Stone Col......forget it. Just yes)

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  8. it was a unique match of theirs that almost guaranteed a quality time
    oh it made sense, its just needlessly convoluted
  9. If it's a one time thing for only one PPV every year, I don't see why not.
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  10. TNA had a burst of creativity from 04-08 and that's when i started watching the shit. Now i only watch for Roode and Bad Influence. I guess that the match could do good. But as FOF proved it doesn't click more than once.
  11. FUCK YES!!!! That was such a creative idea in TNA's part.
  12. I think it's a cool match except for hanging the belt instead of pulling it down. That's redundant and Russo (yes, it's an adjective now).