Show/PPV name replacement(s)

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  1. IWT has been going on for over two years now and I think most of the active competitors can agree that we're past using WWE names. It worked as a good base when the fed first started, but it just seems pretty pointless now. Even Uprising doesn't really fit the show anymore. So I propose that we all come up with replacements for both our main show & PPV. If you're reluctant to a change then we could at least keep the big 4(Rumble, Mania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series. Even MITB could stay) to have some sort of structure.
  2. I like the idea but I'm so bad with names like that. But - :challengeaccepted:

    How about Outbreak for the main show if you want to change it up?

    PPVs :hmm:

    IWT Crimson Clash?
    IWT Insurmountable Incursion?

  3. :brock:
  4. Anything is better than fucking Fast Lane or Payback. If we keep doing the WWE thing that's just some of the crap we'd have to do.
  5. Yeah I reached with that one. :4/10:
  6. I'm more interested on why you thought this would be a good name. lol
  7. I was just trying to cram words together that start with the same letters and have them somehow related to combat.

    Insurmountable = Impossible
    Incursion = Attack
  8. [​IMG]

    Took me nearly an hour, this better be a new show!
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  9. Carnage is cool. Can we have a Venom show too?
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  10. @Hollywood Jwab yesss, fuck Uprising.
    Still better than IWT RAW.:jeritroll:
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  11. What about Civil War?
  12. Pretty good replacement name for Survivor Series.
  13. I'd rather we not change the top 4 PPV names. That's just me though.

    Royal Rumble
    Survivor Series
  14. Stop suggested IWT Warzone earlier today.
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  15. IWT Collision? IWT Assault? IWT (Insert gimmick name based main event/main feud)
  16. [​IMG]
    Didn't really cut it properly. lol @Trip in the Head
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  17. Funny enough, I did not read the OP. Good job on saying the same thing. lol
  18. Why did I quote myself? Meant to quote OP.