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  1. *Out walks Chris Young in his ring gear and his t-shirt and jacket and behind him is Ashley and Lilith Young.
    Chris walks down to the ring with a limp and with a very annoyed look on his face and no longer with the belt or case.
    Chris enters and faces the camera and he wipe the sweat off of his face and starts to speak and his southern accent comes out more due to his anger.*

    Chris: Now listen here, Who ever came from behind and tried to take me out like a coward because they know they can’t beat me man to man and now I’m walking around with a bum knee and I”M STILL HERE! I bleed wrestling, I bleed this biz and no one can take this from me, I do this because I love it and to have someone try and take this from makes them a lower man and the fact that you try and take away something amazing from everyone here also makes you a lower man and just me tell you, son, I’m the top dog now and I’m calling you out!
    Come out here and prove you have the balls to face me man to man.
    I’m the future, Everything I have in the last seven years, I have earned. I was handed nothing. I busted my ass and I sacrificed for this business!
    If these guys think I’m going to go easy after coming here, I swear, You're gonna find out real quick I'm not every other independent guy that walked in from some trash fed that one heard of, I’m the amazing one Chris Young and I’m just damn good!

    *Chris Holds out the mic to the crowd with his arms out and walks around the ring with a smile on his face.*

    Chris: Can you see?, I’m here to stay and this week Chris Young will not die!
    I pour my blood every time I’m out here and I’m are going to break down this waste of skin and beat him down into the mud.
    But I wanna thank you all. I wanna thank you all for reminding me of this, I wanna thank you all for reminding me of who I really am and who I need to be, Just Amazing and do what I was born to do wrestle.
    And with this beating, I found a part of me I forgot and I swear to god that I will show everyone why The Amazing One is the only one.
    So whoever did what they did to me, Come out now you son of a bitch!

    *Chris leans on the ropes waiting*

  2. Michael steps out with a contract. He has a concerned yet serious look on his face. He pats his grey silk suit, and pushes his pushed back hair. He holds up his microphone.

    Michael: Chris, I understand that you are pretty heated. But I promised that I won't stop until I discovered who did this, and so I went through security footage, both inside and outside the locker room, and searched other records and not only did I discover but I've gotten confirmation from the man himself. This man attacked you, and attempted to hurt you. He was the one who attempted to take you out, and tried to end your career. This man is known as a killer, and a true maniac. That man was...Schizo. He attacked you, and when I confronted him he didn't want to explain why, but what. He wanted to explain what he wanted from that attack.

    Michael begins to pace on the stage.

    Michael: He wanted to make a statement, and I asked him why. He said because he wanted that Television title. So I figured, instead of announcing you as the first Television Champion, why not make the match for Uprising, next week. Chris Young vs. Schizo for the inaugural Television champion's honor. So, hold that heat in, because you'll have the opportunity to unload on him, the following week.