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  1. So Paul Heyman blames the fans for what happened to CM Punk. I personally don't give a shit. I think CM Punk is a crybaby. Daniel Bryan doesn't quit, he takes it like a man. How much does Punk get payed? He should be thankful he's in WWE. He's a fucking crybaby. And how dare the fans in Chicago chant CM Punks name during the HHH/DB skit. I don't care if its his hometown, DB is way better than CM Punk. Better in ROH, and better now in WWE. Some people need to know their role's and shut their mouth!

    Usos d. n.a.o for titles: Well, finally they give it to them. They deserve it. Why the hell are the Outlaws even in the WWE anyways? Is it just me, or are they really boring? BGunn can't wrestle, and all RdoubleG can do is talk. In ring talent is about as equivalent as John Cena's, if not worse. Im glad these 2 numb nuts aren't going to WM30 with the belts. I expect Usos VS Harper & Rowan.

    Big E. d. Cesaro via dq: There must be a better way to break these guys up(The Real Americans). Nobody gives a flying !@#$ about Swagger. Fire him, and let Cesaro do his thing. A true talent. If you people only saw what he does in WWE and don't know about his past in ROH, check him out. Put it on your bucket list. And don't forget to put Swagger on your fuck-it list. Then they put Swagger up against Big E. which caused him to lose via dq. Cesaro gets revenge. We all know wrestling is fixed, but why do this? Couldn't they just have a match on Smackdown, that they had to make Big E fight twice? I mean, this was so stupid and yet predictable.

    Wyatts d. Shield: I know i sound like a negative creep right now, but lets change the mood a little bit. The highlight of RAW was Seth Rollins this week. He finally shows the world what he can do. I was wondering what happened to Tyler Black(ROH name) Lets hope WWE lets him use that "God last gift" move soon. So the question is, does Rollins join the Wyatts? ……I doubt it. This sets up a triple threat match at WM30 beautifully. Which just might be the match of the night. Looking forward to that! (Ambrose wins)

    Sheamus d. Christian: Thank god i have a pvr. Nice win though.

    I really enjoyed the DB/HHH segment. HHH still won't accept the yes for a match, but we all know it will happen. Now, if CM Punk somehow magically returns, i think it will be Punk vs Bryan at WM. But if that doesn't happen, HHH will soon accept Bryans challenge. Nevertheless I have nothing bad to say about how they're doing this. It looks real, you can really see the frustration in bot Bryan and HHH, i love it. The only difference between them is HHH is good on the mic, sucks in the ring, and DB is good at both. Therefore in my eyes, he's an A+ player! Im very thankful that it will not be DB vs Kane at WM.

    Zigglar d. ADL: Finally, finally! They give mr.Pefect a victory. Its sad, very sad that he will not be of any importance on the WM30 card. Maybe he will clean HHH's boots?? To be honest, i don't think Zigglar is main event material just yet, but i think he deserves more that what we've seen over the past year, when it comes to him. Very predictable finish, with Aaron Paul distracting ADR, allowing Zigglar to get the win.

    The main event saw The Authority interfere and beat up on Daniel Bryan. I mean, you had to know this was going to happen since there was only about 10 minutes left in the show. Why hype a match, why not just have a stand-off or something. Why did Batista have to be there? To look bad? So WM30s main event will be heel vs heel?(Orton vs Batista) First off, this match will be really boring. They need to add something. Maybe Daniel Bryan. What i would do, is put a stipulation on the HHH vs DB match, and have it so if DB wins, he gets a free ticket to the WWE championship at any time he wants. If he loses, he must quit WWE. So DB wins, and then uses his free ticket and wins the belt!!!!!!! Now wouldn't that be awesome? But of course this will not happen. Batista will win the belt. The only huge pop WM30 will get is the Undertaker holding is streak.

    RAW was an ok show, even despite all my negativity, but I'm feeling like i need a coffee right now, and i am cranky. Forgive me, i still love the WWE

    RAW overall rating 7.5/10
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