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    *Danny Jacobs comes out to a small pop. He holds a candle in his hand, and throws it towards the camera man who falls flat on his face because he was bamboozled by it. Danny Jacobs laughs because of it, and simply walks to the ring. He grabs a mic, looks at the fallen camera man, laughs again and begins to speak.

    Hahahaha, did you see what I did to that piece of shit. What a *****. Scared of a candle, hahaha. WHAT A PUSSY!

    *The crowd starts chanting ''Pussy'' as Danny Jacobs clears his throat*

    But I'm not just here to make fun of that faggot, I'm here to challenge a certain somebody that, in my opinion, hasn't gotten enough praise for his solid work in this business. This business, which is full of the same old ''cool heels'', who act like they're the Best in the World 24/7 when they can't even win a match are starting to make me sick. These people are marks, even if they don't want to admit it. 100% the same, generic promos. They're simple wrestling promos, there isn't anything entertaining about it. Everybody wants to be the ''cool heel'', but people don't understand that there are more elements to a character, much more that people can do with the character that you have. People don't get it, but Alkatrz does. He gets seen as a comedy goof anyways, but truly, I know that he's much better than half of the roster, so yeah, I got a lot of respect for this man.

    On the other side, he acts like he's the ''Big Guy'', well ''Big Guy'', if you're so big and tough that you say you are, bring it. You might be a big guy, but that also means that you're a big, fat piece of meat that I will make small with the use of my teeth. I'm going to eat you, you can be my breakfast.

    *Crowd chants WHAT?*








    So, get out, before you lose the last of your credibility in this company because you might be a credible worker in my opinion, but not for others. You're a stepping stone for others. Prove to me that you're more than that, because if you don't, I'll shred you to pieces. I enjoy eating jobbers, so don't make me wait for my food to arrive, and don't make these people wait... Or are you scared? Hahahaha.

    Danny Jacobs starts screaming ''FEED ME MORE'' as the whole crowd chants along, waiting for The Big Guy to come out*

    The Big Guy (open)
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  2. The chants go on, until they die and no noise is heard, the crowd gets bored and sits in awkwardness, until suddenly a song is played in the arena.

    Suddenly, the big guy, Alkatrz walks out, with Michael at his side.

    The crowd still in silence, doesn't know what is going on.

    Meanwhile Alkatrz is wearing a bruce lee, yellow suit, for some unknown reason....

    Excuse me?
    You want to eat me? I will eat you!

    I am no longer a monster. I am a Kung Fu master now.
    I will kick your ass, then eat it.

    I am stronger than ever before son. I don't even need help beating you, or anyone.

    Michael, what do you make of this joke?

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  3. Michael walks out from the curtain with a pair of sunglasses on along with a suit. He puts his hand on Alkatrz's shoulder and begins to speak.

    Michael: Danny, you remind me much of a younger me. Too brash to notice my boundaries, and picking a fight with my protégé here is possibly the worst mistake you've ever made. My friend has gone through a spiritual journey and has come out a new man. A man backed by the IWT's Franchise, Michael, and the IWT's Brain, Eric Draven.

    Michael faces Alkatrz

    Michael: Jump into that ring, and teach that sorry sack of shit what a fighter really is!
  4. HAHA
    Nah, I will stand right here.
    This little sucker can come up here if he really wants this.

    But maybe he is too scared haha!

    Alkatrz then starts warming up on the ramp
  5. Michael chuckles and stands by Alkatrz with a grin.
  6. *Alkatrz, runs towards Danny Jacobs, missing one clothesline, and when he bounces off the ropes, he lariats Michael. Alkatrz is acting like it's an accident, gets Michael up to check if he's okay, but then throws him to Danny Jacobs who clotheslines the fuck out of him. Danny gets him up again, nods at Alkatrz, throws Michael back to him. Alkatrz Shell Shocks Michael, as Danny Jacobs grabs a mic...*

    You might have been his ''protégé'', but he has never learned a thing from you. TNG is dead now, something that should've happened a long time ago. Me and Tumbas will get to greater heights than TNG would've ever achieved, not that says a lot, but still. Tumbas is mine now. Big Guys OUT.

    Alkatrz and Danny Jacobs start screaming ''FEED ME MORE'' as the crowd starts going along with them. They leave the ring, and at the entrance ramp, they look back at Michael, hug together, and leave the arena.*

    OOC: We don't want to feud with you, Tsar. I just needed my nigga Tumbas. u have been #swerved pal
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  7. That's ok. Thanks for your services Tumbas, and I would have appreciated if you would of told me about getting my piss beat out, but no dip.
  8. OOC - Future tag champs right here. Watch out Stop & Shadow.
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