Storyline Silence

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  1. Only a few minutes removed from summerslam, a camera crew approaches Nick after his loss. He is carrying the money in the bank briefcase along with a large suitcase, and is wearing jeans and a hoodie. An interviewer emerges out of the pack and approaches him.

    Interviewer: Nick, you lost to Jwab tonight and are no longer the X-Division champion, your thoughts?

    Nick doesn't acknowledge the interviewer and keeps walking out of the arena and into the parking lot. The crew persistently follows.

    Interviewer: Are you going to use your rematch?

    He ignores the question and moves through the parking lot.

    Interviewer: What's next for you?

    He still doesn't reply. He pulls a key out of his pocket and unlocks a car. He throws his belongings in the back of the car and gets in the driver's seat, still ignoring the interviewers presence.

    Interviewer: Anything you'd like to say?

    He looks at the interviewer briefly, slams the door and drives off. Instead of following the other cars leaving the lot, he goes out a different exit and in a different direction than the rest, driving out of the frame.
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  2. A video starts with a view from a car at a gas station. A voice can be heard, sounding to be a teenager, wondering if it is really who they think it is. Then, they move the camera over to a car, the same one Nick drove off in. He gets out, and the kids let out a scream. He starts filling up his vehicle, standing emotionless. The kid recording exits his car, and his friend also gets out. They slowly approach Nick, who finishes filling up the tank of his vehicle and is preparing to leave. The kids nervously try to speak him.

    "Hey Nick.. we're some of your-"

    Before the fan can finish the camera is heard being moved and then thrown down, abrubtly ending the video.
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  3. Another video begins, this time of a view of a parking lot. The camera shifts and a few voices can be faintly heard in the background. Eventually, a figure gets out of the car, and the camera follows him into a large store. They follow him through aisles, and he never turns to notice. The man stops at a section and turns, beginning to look through the items. The recorder follows and is lined up with him. Out of the corner of his eye, the man notices. He slowly turns his head, revealing it to be Nick.

    "Hi Nick we-

    The kid is instantly cut off as his expression turns to rage. He grabs a folding chair out of the rack and starts inching towards the kid. He kicks the camera down and the video ends.
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  4. "Is the video on? Okay, so we're here for The WrestleInsider and if you're wondering where we are, this is supposedly the house of IWT Superstar Nick, who hasn't been seen in weeks. Hopefully we can get a few words out of him. Alright, let's go!"

    The interviewer walks into a long driveway, revealing a large house full of ornate features. He takes it in for a moment, and then walks to the door. He knocks and rings the doorbell. For a moment, nobody comes. He knocks again, and takes a step back. A lock is hear opening on the other side, and interviewer adjusts his suit. The door slowly cracks open, revealing Nick, his face unshaven, his hair disheveled and in dirty clothes. He then fully opens it and grabs a shotgun.

    "Get off my property! NOW! Go!"

    He runs out and pushes the guy away with the gun pointed at him. The interviewer screams and runs away. Nick looks at the cameraman and runs at him, some sort of shuffling is heard and the video ends.
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