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  1. I thought this would be a good idea to run on a fortnightly basis. As a major fan of the simpsons and wrestling, I thought of combining both like they did on the playstation game.

    So here is the roster, you can apply to be anyone on the roster. Please don't pick a character that is already in use by someone else, I'll update this thread with who is taken.

    How this would be run:
    Shows will be released as I post them, I will aim for fortnightly, but I don't believe I will meet that so it could be every 3 weeks. You will be tagged in the preview card. You have 3 days to PM me a promo (use the same PM thread each time rather than new threads each week). Your promos will be graded the by the following criteria:

    In-Character: Your promo relates to the character you are playing. They aren't diverging to other characters or wrestlers.

    Relevance: Keeping on-topic to your opponent in your match and using history that has happened

    Originality: Being original in your promos, this means not going for the generic face/heel promos.

    Spelling/Grammar: It must be legible, there won't be nitpicks for mild mistakes in words or using the wrong form of words, but promos that are quite difficult to understand and read will be marked down.

    The scoring is a total of 40 points (10 per criteria). Your score is added up, multiplied by 0.2 to give a rating. So lets say: 6+7+9+8+=30 X 0.2 = 6.0 is your score.

    Lateness means a deduction of your score:
    up to 1 hour late: -0.1
    up to 3 hours late: -0.2
    up to 12 hours late: -0.6
    up to 24 hours late: -1.0
    up to 48 hours late: -2.0

    This means if you scored a 6.0 on your promo and are 3 hours late: your score is 5.8

    You can only be on superstar at a time. You cannot select another superstar once you decide to drop your current character for 4 weeks.
    You can pick any Simpsons character in the universe.
    Once you pick a character you can't change for 4 weeks once shows begin
    You can only submit One promo for your match. First one sent is the one graded.

    If you miss your match once that is fine, but missing your match twice will result in termination of your character, and anyone can take up the character. If you post on the thread stating you can't do this week due to whatever reason, you can be taken off the booking for someone else.
    If you submit your promo late you register that there will be a deduction.

    Available Roster:

    Homer Simpson
    Chief Wiggum
    Groundskeeper Willie
    Principal Skinner
    Comic Book Guy (Jeff Albertson)
    Moe Szyslak
    Barney Gumble
    Jimbo Jones
    Kearney Zzyzwicz
    Dolph Starbeam
    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
    Krusty The Clown
    Fat Tony
    Ned Flanders
    Reverand Lovejoy
    Otto Mann
    Sideshow Bob
    Cletus Spuckler

    Kent Brockman

    General Manager:
    Mayor Quimby


    If you wish to be a springfieldstar that is not mentioned in the list above post it in your reply.

    We will possibly look to add other characters from other series such as Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama....There will be a vote for what series will be added.

    Old characters like Abraham & Jasper I would prefer you use as managers rather than wrestlers due to their age. So please select an older character as a manager if you wish to have one, you will play as both characters then.

    I am looking for staff members as well to help on this so I can keep to the fortnighly schedule and create House Shows. We could have some PPV's in the theme of the Simpsons ... I.e Treehouse of Horror (similar to WCW Halloween Havoc).

    So if your interested in joining let me know, if there isn't enough interest, I will make it a Be The Booker project
  2. Ill be Homer.
  3. I wanted to be Ralph!!
  4. "Spelling/Grammar: It must be legible, there won't be nitpicks for mild mistakes in words or using the wrong form of words, but promos that are quite difficult to understand and read will be marked down."

    Oh the irony.