Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio vs HellNO!

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  1. What if these two INCREDIBLE teams crossed paths. Daniel Bryan and Kane vs Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, who would win. I think Team HellNO would win. But who do you think would win? HellNO or Mysterio and Cara?
  2. Mysterio and Cara are hardly an incredible team. They don't really interact outside of matches so their is no examples of real chemistry
  3. Rey/Sin don't need outside interaction for chemistry imo. It's built in with the masks, attire and you know, being Mexican.
  4. I would like to see Team Hell NO pick up the victory considering how long they've been champions, they're still very much exciting as champions so I would say them.
  5. They've only been champions for only ONE month.
  6. Exactly, that's why I want them to win. So they get a longer reign as champions. :pity:
  7. The mask is like their secret identity.


    They are great champions.
  8. No it's not, it's WWE's marketing ploy. Lol.
  9. I hope Kane and Bryan win, I want their reign to last longer, it's really entertaining. Which is why I think Rhodes and Sandow will win dirty in the finals and then job to Team Friendship.
  10. I think Daniel and Kane would win. They seem like the better team to me. Mysterio and Cara do make an interesting team though, I guess due to being Luchadors.
  11. Team HELL NO! I love Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio but Bryan and Kane should keep the titles longer.
  12. Indeed they should. :obama:
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  13. LOL at this thread.
  14. That's exactly what should happen. I think Kane would pin Sin Cara for the win.