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  1. Can anyone explain what they're doing with him at the moment? I mean he gets two straight wins over Del Rio, only to then lose to Del Rio and then Sandow?

    So why did they even have him go over ADR? I figured it would be to begin the push for him vs Mysterio at Wrestlemania, but now he's losing, I feel he's probably going to go back to a Ryder level of superstar.

    So what do you think of this booking and what plans do you think WWE have for him?
  2. They gotta establish who it is first, they can either resign the original or just have Hunico fully become Sin Cara, I think once they get all the behind the scenes shit settled with the character we'll know more.. Sorry wish I could tell you more of what i think :emoji_slight_smile:

    Also Sandow is a beast and would beat ADR too!
  3. Mistico isnt being released at the moment as WWE want to wait til his contract runs out so they dont have to pay him any extra money. So I guess at the moment they are keeping Hunico as Sin Cara until they find a replacement
  4. His contract ended January 10th I believe.
  5. Oh right, so I guess they are looking for a replacement to play the Sin Cara character so Hunico can go do his own thing in the singles and tag team divisions
  6. It did seem like with Hunico under the mask he was gonna get a push but now back to jobber. Stupid move tbh as Cara in the mid card would just scream money to me.
  7. They might keep Hunico under the mask for now but who knows what WWE are going to pull???
  8. With his merchandise raking in a lot of money for the company you wouldn't be mistaken.. Cara in the mid card is money :emoji_slight_smile:
    At this point it seems like they are killing both Sin Cara's character as well as Hunico's by making him use energy and appearances as Sin Cara.
  9. I just watched tonight (wednesday) night's released NXT.. guess who's on it..
    Show Spoiler
    Hunico as Sin Cara, not sure why we're putting Sin Cara character on NXT for no reason but hey, I don't write the show...
  10. Just watched Superstars taping, Hunico seems to be getting the hang of the Sin Cara character.. I mean it's still pretty obvious it's not the original high-flyer but he's working hard and doing a majority of Sin Cara's usual moveset.. Can;t wait for his match vs. Damien Sandow on Main Event whenever that taping comes out on Hulu (today or tomorrow).
  11. To put Rusev or more main roster stars, building him up for the move up.
  12. All he did was
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    come out to make the save for Xavier Woods, then he left. Maybe like a 10 second appearance tops :emoji_slight_smile: so I don't think that's what it was. Decent guess though.
  13. Rusev is going to face Cara at the next set of tapings/the live special. I am 99% certain of it.
  14. You mean Cara is going to Job to Rusev?
  15. Yup. If Kofi jobs to Rusev, Cara jobs to Rusev. Unless you're Antonio Cesaro and you show up on NXT you job.
  16. Since the tapings results are already out I believe you.. However if you just watch the show, you wouldn't've gotten that information from what happened lol. Thanks for the spoiler tho.
  17. I watched it I mean there was definitely noo way to tell that Sin Cara v Rusev is a future match, but knowing WWE they'll write it like that even without promos, segments or anything like that so its whatever we'll see for sure in the upcoming weeks
  18. There's gonna be a match. It's some of the most simple booking out there in wrestling. Heel beats face1, continues beating after match ends just to grind it in. Fac2 makes the save, staredown between face 2 and heel (as Cara and woods was heading up the ramp).
    There will be a match down the line.
  19. Yeah you must've missed it there bud :emoji_slight_smile: There was like 5 seconds When Woods & Cara were leaving both Rusev and Cara were pointing at each other pretending to speak a fucked up language when clearly they were speaking gibberish, it will probably be next week or the week after.
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