Since its the WWE Slammy awards next week on Raw

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  1. Since its the WWE Slammy awards next week on Raw lets remember this great moment of Barbie winning the divalicious moment award

    ^^^ She deserved this award over the other divas and haha she owned Beth with that slap
  2. Lita was a little more divalicious.
  3. Lets talk cardio workout
  4. or pancakes maybe? @Dolph'sZiggler i want your professional opinion on pancakes
  5. Actually my dad talked to me about this. Told him I was going to work out and he told me I should work on cardio so that I would last longer.
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  6. Car Dio. Hehehe
  7. 9/10
  8. Lita for one more match!
  9. Am I the only one who hasn't tried an omelette?
  10. yes.
  11. I'd definitely ride Lita into battle.
  12. I'm Testify. The world needs me.
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  13. Sorry....about your damn luck!
  14. So.....I Guess this is another one of those Pointless BLFFL threads.....
    I swear we need a new section for Pointless posts.....a Incinerator Section.......Where all the Pointless threads go to burn.
  15. Punk has already beat you to it
    Anyways back on topic 2011 was a good year for the divas especially Barbie and she beat the likes of Kharma, Beth, Natalya from getting that award
  16. IMO:

    Dexter Season 4 >>
    Season 1 >>
    Season 2 >>
    season 6 >>
    season 3 >>
    season 7 >>
    season 5 >>
    season 8

    4, 1 & 2 are all epic, while 6 is good and the other 4, while still watchable, just feel disappointing.

    @CM Punk agree/disagree with my rankings?
  17. Barbie >>> Dexter seasons
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Not that Slammy awards mean anything anyway.
  20. The crowd goes mild, the roof has not came off this place, look at all 2 of those Kelly Kelly signs!
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