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  1. *Eric Draven stumbles to the ring, the beard growth is more noticeable than before his hair is hanging wildly in thick curls. The world's championship is being dragged along the floor*​
    ED: Well here we have it, lil Eric made it here onto the grandest stage of them all. Lil Eric who was told to just give up. ​
    *Draven begins to grin into the camera now, his eyes have a glass like quality*​
    ED: Lil Eric who took the world from Christian leaving him a broken man, so broken he's gone and ladies and Gentleman he is never ever coming back​
    *Draven raises the belt triggering large Christian chants to break out.*​
    ED: You see I chased this beautiful little pile of tin not because of what it is rather for what it offered me, it offered me closure after having my WWE title stolen from me by Senhor Perfect's ruthlessness. His willingness to exploit my downfall broke me but like a mirror my shards have been a curse on Internet Wrestling Titles. They've dug in and spread like a disease through the system. ​
    *Draven smiles*​
    ED: Yet I still can't sleep, still the demons laugh at me every night. Still they taunt me. This title it isn't enough I need more to gain my closure... I need to end to chase those who wronged me.​
    *Draven drops to a seated position and begins rocking*​

  2. As the final words are said, there is a brief pause before the lights dim. There is a brief pause before the music hits, to a crowd instantly assuming the unknown theme would be another "new aids johnson try." It is exactly that.

    *Aids walks out slowly, hands out with an ear to ear smile, talking nonsense to the camera before saluting, and running down to the ring. (just like his hero) Aids Grabs a mic, but pauses to go to the two lower turnbuckles, each time being greeted by boo's from the entire arena

    Hello again, IWT fans. Another opportunity at the spotlight, and no where else i would rather it be. Aids vs Seabs, the two greatest champions this company has ever seen, for the IWT WHC.

    *Crowd chants we want Draven. Aids paces around the ring whereas Draven seems underwhelmed by the response of the IWT fans.

    I know what i've done, and i've pretended to apologize. You know what? I'm not here for any of you, and im certainly not here for any of the members in the lockerroom. I am here to claim what is mine. The only thing i'm ashamed of is leaving for another company when i could have just been great in both.

    *Crowd again stops the mic time with chants of "go back to FNW." Aids takes the tension with concern, as he turns his attention to the entrance, speaking almost to the lockerroom.

    A man forgotten in the weakest lineup any Money in the Bank has seen, thrown to the side due to my former management/friendship relationship, and the consequences i've suffered due to the ego mania i ran this company wild with. *turns to the fans* I am the greatest champion this company has ever seen! I Main Evented Wrestlemania and came out as a winner! How many of you have that?

    *turns and points at fans. "did you make it to wrestlemania?" And another "You in the senhor perfect shirt, where is your hero now?"

    Let's be honest! There is no good reason i am in this match. I haven't been in a match since i've brought myself back into the locker room. I certainly haven't "earned" anything in the eyes of the trash filling this arena with pepsi bottle and 8$ burritos, and why should i? I am here once again to show why i held the gold.

    Look at this guy? Why dont you slur us out a response, Eric. Let the fans know what you have planned for their entertainment.
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  3. *Dat Kid hold on to a cane as he limps out to the stage in a suit. He takes a moment to look around at the audience, then looks straight at Aids & Seabs*

    Look at what we have here. Aids Johnson has made his return to the IWT after selling out and no shorter than his arrival he thinks he can barge his way in to the main event. Am I the only one that sees a problem with this? Last time Aids had a major title, he split and left you people high and dry. How can you people just sit there in contempt of what's happening here?...but I guess that what you people do, you just let people do whatever the hell they want, bend you over, and fuck you out of the money you paid to see this show....and trust me, nobody here paid to see Aids that's for sure.

    You people just get on whatever bandwagon backstage management put out for you. When I got powerbombed off the stage a couple weeks ago, I heard people cheering...for Gohan! You think that's funny though. Doctors have told me I may never be able to wrestle again and now I'm walking around with a cane, lookin' like Senhor Perfect! Oh y'all are mad now huh? *Dat Kid looks at child in the audience.* Shut cho little ass up, before I give you the ass whuppin your dad never gave you. You all can shut the fuck up! My career has practically ended and nobody cares! Did anyone ask about my well being when I was up in the hospital, barely able to move?! No! So none of you have the right to boo me!

    Now I can't wrestle and if I could I certainly wouldn't wrestle in front of you people. I went down and had a long talk with management. They've decided, in response to an impending law suit, to give ME...creative control of IWT as I see fit. Now I'm not replacing Jonathan or Britanica, but from here on out, I don't give a fuck about what they say. It's my show!

    Aids you think your ass is gonna be in a world title match, you're dead wrong. Aids I am taking you off the Money in the Bank because you're going to lower PPV's buys. People wanted to see CM Punk vs Seabs and you are nowhere near the level that CM Punk is on, so you can go ahead and get your ass out of my ring and to the back of the line where you belong.

    Ladies and Gentlemen do not be alarmed. I have found a replacement already. Seabs you won't be facing Aids at Money in the Bank. I introduce you to the man who is the future of this company, the man who will defeat Seabs in two weeks,
  4. The arena's lighting goes into a dark shade of green and Suicide's theme hits:​
    Fog spouts from the stage,Suicide emerges from the entrance way,he looks around at the crowd,gets a negative reaction,smirks,stands by Kid,and, signals for his music to be cut.​
    Suicide: "Thanks for that rather warm introduction",the crowd reacts with a rather loud chant of "What!?". "I would say that I'm honored to face the IWT World Heavyweight Champion in two weeks,but,I'm not". The crowd has another outburst of the "What!? chant." Suicide smiles and looks at the champ. You see,this man is not worthy to be a world champion. I mean look at him,he looks like a homeless bum. He doesn't bring prestige to that title,all he's doing is ruining it.​
    The crowd breaks out in a massive "What!?" chant.​
    Suicide looks at the crowd,"Say what one more time if you like to sleep with your own father" The crowd begins starts the "What!?" chant,realizes what Suicide said and begins to boo the hell out of him. Suicide smirks and looks back into the ring.​
    "Now back to business,in two weeks I will take you on Draven for the IWT world heavyweight title at MITB. When that time comes I will beat you and I will to bring back the prestige that title oh so deserves!"​
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