Promos Sir Lee has defeated Communism; And wait until you see his reward from the Queen.

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  1. *Sir Lee is hidden behind a bin in an alley, peeping over it every 5 seconds. He hears footsteps, he peeps over to see the men chasing after him. Sir Lee gets out his sword and gulps. As the men come around the corner in a straight line. Sir Lee leaps in front of then slices his sword DECAPITATING THE THREE OF THEM. their heads roll off their bodies as blood spurts out and both their heads and bodies drop to the ground. Sir Lee gets a cloth and wipes the blood off of it and drops it on one of the mens decapitated heads.*
    Sir Lee: Finally, after 4 days of you imbeciles chasing after me, I get you. Lure you into a trap and BAM! Decapitated. Me talking to you fools is pointless...seeing as you're dead! Regardless, let's sort this situation out, shall we?

    *Sir Lee gets his cell-phone out, calling Cameron.*

    Sir Lee: Good news Cameron, they're neutralised, bring a helicopter and we'll take it from there.

    *A helicopter comes 5 minutes later,he puts the three men over his back as well as the three heads in his empty backpack as he climbs the ladder dropped down for him. The helicopter gets him back to 10 Downing Street, where he is greeted by Cameron, who has a big grin on his face*

    Cameron: That's what I like to see, a man who can self-suffice! Now let's get these bodies examined, as well as checking their Contents, hopefully we can get some identification of these men and figure out their motives.

    *We cut to a morgue, the grey wallpaper accurately describes the dark and sinister situation. Sir Lee is looking through the contents of the jumpsuit pockets while 2 examiners look over the head and bodies.*

    Sir Lee: You geeks got anything yet?

    Examiner 1: Well the men were in good health, no mental issues afflicted them at all.

    Examiner 2: We do believe though that they had been without sleep for a few days, also taking a drug substance to keep them going.*

    *Sir Lee continues looking through the jumpsuits when suddenly he finds a credit card shaped product, but it is instead a Communist Party membership card, he finds the same card in the other two mens jumpsuits*

    Sir Lee: I knew it, YOU COMMUNIST BASTARDS!! But...Looking through this all, this doesn't seem to link to Aids, instead...Just a random Communist attack.....which failed. Much thanks dorks, you can finish up from here.

    *Sir Lee walks out the morgue with a grin on his face, after he leaves, the two examiners look at eachother and shake their heads*
    Examiner 1: Jackass......

    *Sir Lee tells David Cameron about it, to which David Cameron is pleased that it was prevented*

    Sir Lee: We're just fortunate I had the Queens sword!

    Cameron: Speaking of that......I told her all about this, apparently those men were after the Queens sword and planned to kill her with it. She has said that out of appreciation, you can become a Lord!!

    Sir Lee: Seriously?

    Cameron: I am serious, now get back to your home, tell your friends, the IWT universe that LORD LEE WILL BE UPON US!!

    *Sir Lee and Cameron shake hands, grinning at eachother as they do so*
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