Storyline Sir Lee says "FU Frank".

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  1. *Lee is sat on a throne made of leaves and cabbages*

    Lee: Let me get something off my chest, INB4 "jizz", you sick freaks. I want to talk about Frank, who is the most foolish and idiotic abomination I've ever seen.

    I despise this fool because.... "OOC: I typed a bunch of well articulated sentences about him but my text disappeared and the undo feature on this forum is unreliable so I can't get it back lol".

    So you see my point don't you, this guy hurt the prestige of the IWT for the long term, and people like me are still suffering today, make a video about me, Frank I dare you...
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    FTJ come out and has a mic! I did not hurt IWT! I HELP IT GROW! wether you all think I did or not! I help it! Me champion help it there was like 6 guy counting me on the iwt after I won the iwt title everyone starting join to come after my title! YOU ARE JEROUS OF THE SCRESS I HEARD RIGHT AWAY! YOU WANT TO TALK I WILL KICK UR ASS GLADLY IN THAT VERY RING!
  3. OOC:...but not in a dark match. Frank is above dark matches.
  4. I HELP GROW - thats what she said